2001 Lincoln Town Car Executive Series 8 cylinder from North America


Town Car the epitome of an American luxury car


The car had a paint imperfection on the rear quarter panel. It was repainted by the dealer (covered under warranty).

The computer that controls shifting of the automatic transmission had to be reprogrammed(covered under warranty).

No other issues.

General Comments:

This car was selected as a family car and an alternative to leasing another SUV or mini van. It has served this purpose beyond my expectations. The lease is almost up and I am considering purchasing the vehicle.


It is extremely comfortable, quiet and luxurious.

Excellent highway cruiser.

The engine and transmission is smooth yet responsive.

The trunk is huge.

Easy to drive around town considering its size.

Reliable and ranks high for safety.


Excessive brake dust on rims (always need to be cleaned)

Could use a little more horsepower (this was done in 2002 or 2003)

Fuel consumption is a little excessive and worse than expected.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2004

27th Dec 2005, 15:54

I own an 01' Town Car Executive and I find the fuel economy to be exceptional. I recently took a 500 mile trip and averaged 28 mpg acording to the car's onboard computer. Great car!

18th Apr 2006, 22:06

I'm glad you like it. I'll bet you have aluminum wheels, yes they do show brake dust a lot, more than chrome wheels.

2001 Lincoln Town Car Executive Series L 4.6 liter V8 225 HP from North America


The 2001 Lincoln Town car is the perfect vehicle for the elderly and senile


The car body rattled on pot holes, even though it was never in an accident.

General Comments:

A CD player was special order, but the sound system as a whole was flawed regardless. The back seat had plenty of legroom. Lincoln's "L" designation means the car has about a 6" stretch straight from the factory.

The brakes never inspired confidence especially in the rain or snow.

During my high speed travels (90-100 MPH), the car did not feel steady or smooth. In fact, my 1974 Oldsmobile ran smoother at plus 100 MPH speeds.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2002

13th Oct 2002, 16:33

The Series-L rides like a dream and handles very well on surface streets at slow speeds, on the freeways at fast commute speeds, and on the twisty narrow roads to Lake Tahoe as fast as traffic will allow. I understand the 2003 model's handling has been improved even more by a change to rack and pinion steering.

This may look like your grandfather's car, but all of my friends choose it over the Mustang or Accord whenever a road trip involves a drive of more than 20 miles. The first class leg room and the rich leather upholstery compliment the air ride and make you feel limo rich.

The addition of a Brake-Master noticeably improved the braking, but then it did even more for my 1982 Chevy 10 series truck.

With Amsoil brand synthetics throughout, I average 24 mpg in mixed driving conditions (translate that to 75mph on the freeway) and once pushed it over 30 mpg on a forced 55 - 60 mph trip down I-5.

The factory sound system was dreadful, but installing high end speakers and a DVD theater system turned it into a movie theatre on wheels. Pass the popcorn please.