2001 Lincoln Town Car Signature from North America




Wiper motor - $200

Driver door lock - $100

Cruise control servo - $300

Radio chassis lights don't work - they are controlled by the onboard network, and no one knows how to fix it other than try a NEW radio ($1000) in it. I bought a couple of Ebay radio (exact replacements OEM) and still no lights to light the buttons.

Dash painted surface wears out near radio bottom. That's a easy fix - just paint it over - all three pieces

Head lights stay on, even with head light switch off. This tells me its likely the light module is not communicating correctly, and might be an expensive fix to replace the LM unit. I can live with it. The ignition shuts off the head light, if worse comes to worse.

General Comments:

I bought his car for around $10K and love its ride and roominess. I drove it to Las Vegas twice and never overheated... in fact at even 114F degrees, the car ran good, never overheated and the AC was COOL! It was a true test to see if my plastic intake manifold could take the heat! AND it did in spades.. no pun intended!

As for the repairs the repairs do get expensive compared to a FORD product, but considering... it was not that expensive compared to the service and luxury it gives me.

The ride is luxurious as it used air suspension. When you are on a VERY nicely paved road.. it is truly a GLIDER of sorts...

I am effecting these repairs gradually and as long as other things don't go kaput.. I am a happy camper.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2007

2nd Sep 2009, 08:40

I have a 2001 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series... BEAUTIFUL!!! But I have replaced the heater core 3 times in one year, and it still blows antifreeze out of the A/C vents and puts a greasy film all over the windshield. If anyone out there is familiar with this kind of thing... H E L P.

Even the dealer is baffled. Bought it in 08, but it's a lemon! Thought that Lincoln had integrity...

28th Dec 2009, 10:01

In response to the above heater core issue: Use one pint of Bar's Radiator stop leak (DO NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE!) I can nearly guarantee it will stop. My 97 Crown Vic had leak in the core just as you descibe, and I thought I would have to shell out $800 to fix. Used 1 can of Bar's, and it stopped within a half hour. Five years later still no leak! - my nephew still drives it to this day.

Bars is the only one that the factory's actually use when assembling cars to eliminate small leaks after assembly - no kidding!

20th Jul 2013, 07:41

WOW, I was facing a second dash disassemble when you fixed the heater core leak for $8.00. It looks like the Bars fix has worked. Thanks.

2001 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 4.6 V8 from North America


Luxury, lots of space, rear wheel drive, and 100% safe, that's the recipe for the Town Car!!


It has been trouble free since brand new. In fact, it was recently inspected, and passed with flying colors.

General Comments:

My wife and I are senior citizens (I am 78, and my wife is 76), and we have been fans of the Town Car for years. In fact, we own a 1988 Town Car Signature Series with only 51000 miles that is currently in a storage unit just waiting to be driven again for pleasure trips.

As for our 2001 model, well we just love it!! Ours is a champagne color with a champagne leather interior. Again, it has been trouble free since we got it. We never use it in the rain, ice, or snow. Better yet, we only use it for grocery shopping and to doctor's appointments, and to going to our local synagogue.

Our grandkids love this car a lot. It is like riding in a limousine. We too love the way it rides. It is way better than our 1988 model, and has more room than that one as well.

All in all, these are great cars for those long pleasure trips that you would take. They are also great family vehicles in a classy way. They are also perfect for taxi cab usage, which some are used as.

So if you are looking for an American luxury car with rear wheel drive that has lots of luxury and space with safety in mind, look for a Town Car with low miles, and was kept in great shape. Trust us, you will love it like we do. No way will we be selling this one anytime soon.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2006

9th Nov 2006, 03:05

Good review I'm 21 and have been attracted to these cars since I have been 10 years old. I have a 2000 Grand Marquis that I bought with 33,000 miles on it in February I had a 88 Town Car couple years ago, when I'm done with this car I'll be in for another!!!