2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6 from North America


Heaven on wheels!!



General Comments:

The ride can't compare to anything else. Not even a Cadillac.

First Lincoln I ever had.

Lots of room in there.

Has an old school feel to it. Nothing is like it.

Gas mileage is not bad for a V8.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2014

23rd Mar 2014, 21:39

I test drove a new one back in 2010 and personally felt the ride was not that supple. I thought the 2005 Buick Park Avenue I had at the time rode a lot softer.

You were wise to buy one used, as in the last few years of production these were very over priced and plagued badly with depreciation, but that makes them great values in the used market! Even though I was not crazy about the last generation Town Car, I have to admit it is far superior to anything considered a luxury sedan today.

24th Mar 2014, 06:02

Cherish it, they're not making these kinds of cars any more. In the next 10-20 years, they'll be considered classics due to their size, body style and RWD, Body on Frame design.

Although not my favorite era Town Car, they still ride nice, are soft and smooth, and most of all, are dead reliable.

30th May 2016, 02:40

She still purrs like a kitten with 123k miles. I have had this car for 2.5 years. Could use a larger gas tank; gets 14 in town, 27 highway.

2005 Lincoln Town Car Executive 4.6L 239hp from North America


Best large luxury for the dollar



General Comments:

-best luxury for the dollar.

-biggest car you can buy (even without Lincoln's six inch factory stretch opt)

-fuel efficient considering.

-quality materials throughout.

-Ford's restraining the 4.6 V8 @239hp, more fury could and should be unleashed from this capable and proven power plant (260-280hp)

-good adaptive tranny:I change driving style constantly, tranny keeps up with proper shift points and always smooth even with full throttle up/down shifts.

-Ford/Lincoln ended their sweet dark metallic navy blue paint option for 2005, shame. Our new cars are the closest to that, a far cry.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2004

17th Mar 2010, 13:32

I love the V8 that Ford makes. I have a Mercury Grand Marquis and I am almost 100% positive that the same engine in the Town Car is in the Grand Marquis. I would love to own a Town Car, but I can't afford one right now. But in two years when it's time to get a new car, maybe I will be able to buy a Town Car. But as long as I have that V8, I will be happy.

10th Mar 2015, 03:43

All Town Cars from 1991 to the end have the 4.6.

Vics, and Grand Marquis from 1992 to the end also have the 4.6.

My '05 TC is basically a 4-door Mark 8. It has 3.27 gearing, same as a P71, and the 0-60 time is not right according to the Internet (8.9 seconds). I can do 0-60 in 6.9 seconds WOT. No one in my family can handle its power in the snow. I have to drive it like I have an egg between the pedal and my foot when driving in snow. My '95 Explorer was better in the snow than this Hot Rod Lincoln.