2010 Lincoln Town Car Signature L 4.6 Liter V8 Flex Fuel from North America


The Lincoln Town Car is one of the last full on American-made cars, and is the best in its class



General Comments:

I previously owned a Mercury Grand Marquis, and recently decided to upgrade to a Lincoln Town Car. I expected a better ride and more luxurious interior, and for the most part the Town Car delivered.

As most Town Car buyers know, there are few options available on the options sheet. I always build my vehicles to order right from the factory, and decided to treat myself and load the car up with options.

I decided to add High-Intensity Discharge Headlights. These make the headlights noticeably brighter than the standard headlights that were on the vehicle I drove on the test drive. I also added Daytime Running Lamps. These are just normal running lamps that helps to keep other drivers alert.

I also decided to buy the chrome wheels that are just shiny. Kind of a waste of money, but cool looking. I also added the rear seat amenities package. This package included heated rear seats, dual door illuminated cigar lighters, four way head restraints, a fold down armrest with a storage bin, tissue bin, dual power ports, secondary climate controls, secondary audio controls, and cup holders. There are also illuminated fold down mirrors in headliner, a one piece floor mat and secondary front passenger forward and backward controls.

The seats are trimmed in leather with wood and chrome accents. On the center console there is also an analogue clock on the center console. On that console is also the sound system. It is a nine speaker and subwoofer system with a six CD changer, AM, FM, and Sirius satellite radio rig that produces great sound. Below that is the dual zone automatic climate control and heated seats. It works well, and provides great control over the temperature. The rear seat is comfortable also, with separate audio and climate controls.

The car rides smooth and the automatic shifts smoothly, but sometimes tends to hold onto high gear a little too long. The V8 works well and the Flex Fuel capability certainly saves on gas. The car is thirsty, and with Flex Fuel the ability to use E85 ethanol saves a ton at the pump. Providing you find a station selling E85.

Overall I paid $55,175 for my 2010 Lincoln Town Car. This is with the Signature L trim level, additional headlight options, chrome wheels, the rear seat amenities package and the trunk organizer. This is a loaded Town Car, and there are no other options available. Since there aren't many other vehicles like the Town Car, it is easy to say it is best in its class.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2010

17th Mar 2010, 17:09

Sounds like money well spent! What a shame it'll be if they ever quit making these. The RWD V8 full-bodied American car used to be an American icon, now it is all but extinct! Thank you for supporting our country's economy with your purchase, and I hope the Town Car keeps you happy for years to come.