13th Nov 2011, 17:54

I know we are all entitled to our own opinions, I personally hate Toyotas myself and consider them all to be blah-mobiles, however I don't consider the new Impala any better. The styling is just as boring as the Camry, and the interior is just plain and cheap.

FYI my favorite car was my 2005 Buick Park Avenue, which most people would consider pretty boring and lame, but I loved it, and wish I could have bought a brand new one just like it.

I'm just saying if Chevy and all of GM would incorporate more aggressive styling like in the Camaro and its large trucks, I think more people would take interest.

9th Aug 2012, 00:16

It will... I see cabs here in NY with 250K+ on them... Maybe I'll talk to this owner in a couple of years, when this car depreciates enough to afford it, & buy it from him.

9th Aug 2012, 00:21

Your customers trading in TOWN CARS that would last over 200K for a MAZDA??? ROFLMAO... kids really don't know VALUE these days, do they??? Like PT Barnum said... one born every minute...

I've never seen any MAZDA cabs (LOL AGAIN) with 400K miles on em.

10th Aug 2012, 00:42

My family has driven Lincolns since 1984, except for one disastrous switch to Volvo for three years. We are now firmly back in the Lincoln camp with an MKZ.

As for Mazda, I had one. It was one of the worst cars I ever owned. I'll never buy another Japanese car again.

19th Aug 2012, 00:33

Lincoln Town Car is the best full size luxury car out there, period. I have test driven Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac DTS and Chrysler 300 and none ride like the Town Car. Also, the European and Japanese cars look very similar, and Cadillac and Chrysler have followed that "sports sedan" look. I prefer the old school American luxury; this is my choice and preference.

When the Lincoln Town Car drives down the road, there is nothing that resembles it, it's unique, and you know it clearly is a Lincoln. I hope Ford brings back the big rear wheel drive Lincolns, because there will always be people who want them.

Even in foreign countries in Europe, Middle East, and Asia, the Lincoln Town Car is sought after, because it is not like any other luxury car, except maybe a Rolls or Bentley, which is 100s of thousands more. The Town Car represents classic American luxury and elegance in the tradition of Rolls and Bentley. You just can't compare it to a sports sedan. I have a 2009, and it is absolutely wonderful!

20th Aug 2012, 15:47

I want to buy a black Town Car with black leather interior and black carriage landau roof. However I have to wait until my Crown Victoria dies, and that will be an awful long time, so hopefully a 2010 Town Car will be cheaper by then! Thanks Ford for making the best full size, V-8 rear wheel drive luxury car out of Detroit.

20th Aug 2012, 18:33

I test drove a brand new Town Car in 2010, and while it rode nicely, the ride had been stiffened up a lot over the years, so it was not anything to write home about in my opinion.

Considering the depreciation factor, I don't know how anyone could justify buying a brand new one, when you lose about 40% of its value just driving off the lot.

At that time, I had a 2005 Buick Park Avenue that I felt had a notably softer suspension.

As far as the Town Car being like nothing else out there, well I have to disagree with you there too; 10 years ago there were still a lot of cars similar in size with traditional American styling, and some were better looking. I feel that the last generation Town Car was a little awkward in the styling department, though improved a bit in '03, and the interior was not overly luxurious (comparing to BMW and Mercedes in this department, would truly embarrass the Lincoln).

I do lament the end of the large American sedan, but most of the last ones like the Town Car paled in comparison to the cars they were fashioned after. I will always prefer the big American cars from the 70s and 80s. The modern cars just make too many compromises.

21st Aug 2012, 12:48

I own a 96; black body, black top, black interior. Gets compliments all the time.

I myself am going to buy a newer generation some day, but my Town Car has the same problem as your Crown Vic. It just keeps going and going, even at 165,000.

26th Aug 2012, 08:02

A previous comment stated that the Lincoln Town Car interior was not overly luxurious when compared to BMW and Mercedes? Have you ever stepped inside a BMW or Mercedes? I have, and have driven them many times. The BMW and Mercedes have the same quality of interiors as Volkswagens, and they ride like trucks. They are very plain inside, and everything is an extra cost option on those cars, including leather interior and power accessories. I think that is ridiculous when someone is spending $40k plus for a car that is supposed to be world class!

Traditional American luxury is what I like, and the Lincoln Town Car represents that perfectly.

BTW, comparing the Town Car to the Buick PA is also ridiculous, since a Buick is not even a worthy competitor, since it is below the status of a Lincoln in quality and prestige. Although a Buick would be competitive with a Mercury GM or Chrysler 300.

26th Aug 2012, 15:26

Sir, you need to get your facts straight!

My 2005 Buick Park Avenue listed for over $42,000 new; a Town Car was within $5 thousand of that in '05. They are both large American sedans, so I think comparing the two is natural.

And as I stated, the Park Avenue I owned rode quite a bit smoother than the 2010 Town Car I test drove, and in my opinion was just as luxurious and better looking too.

If you are comparing BMWs and Mercedes that cost 40 thousand, then you are the one comparing cars that are not in the same class! A BMW and Mercedes flagship costs upwards of 80-90 thousand, I don't know which models you have seen, but the quality of materials and workmanship is light years ahead of anything Lincoln is capable of. I didn't say anything about the ride characteristics; I like you prefer a traditional American car to any German or Japanese car. Frankly I prefer the design of the Lincoln interior as well; I just think the materials used are way too similar to cheaper Ford models for a car that cost $50 thousand.

Ford also cheapened it up over the years, and made no intention to try to appeal to anybody under 70, eliminating options like sunroofs and navigation systems, which are almost standard on most luxury cars today. In fact my Buick had options you couldn't even get on a 2010 Town Car.

It is your own opinion that Lincoln is superior to Buick. Frankly I don't care. I prefer Buick, and they have always easily outsold Lincoln, as has Cadillac, but we are all entitled to our own opinions. Personally I don't think you could go wrong with either.