7th Dec 2012, 11:45

I think a couple written appraisals would suffice in its present condition. And a relative buying it back. I have friends that bought her mother's 64 Corvette 1 owner that way. And they drive it today. You have to wait a while to see if bills or claims are coming in before buying. If nothing else, you could have bid on the car at auction as well. I inherited a 1988 Town Car myself; it was non contested as no one wanted it anyway.

7th Dec 2012, 13:51

Wow, should have kept it - would have gotten $6,600 worth of use out of it easy. But maybe sometimes it isn't so easy for a relative to buy a car out of an estate, because the other siblings might be suspicious of underpayment.

7th Dec 2012, 16:29

You are considering buying a Town Car and sold a 2011 with under 10K miles for $6K?? That doesn't make sense. I test drove a new Town Car in 2010 and was not that impressed. I found they had stiffened the ride up over the years like everybody else, and it was just way too similar to the '98 models and cheaper FoMoCo products for $50K with steep depreciation. It did represent a niche in the market that I loved, but I just found it was no longer as desirable. Too bad it was the last of the breed, but I got the feeling Ford left this on the shelf to expire.

8th Dec 2012, 11:23

For $6.5K you could have gotten a new first rate paint job and fixed the windshield, and probably sold the car for $15-20K, assuming there was never any frame damage in the numerous accidents.

10th Dec 2012, 00:28

"She had wrecked it 6 times."

At least nobody got hurt.

10th Dec 2012, 09:34

My grandmother hit the garage opening every other time it seems leaving her garage. I guess you could call that an accident each time. The front sides had their share of swipes...