8th Jul 2007, 23:58

My aunt of 75 sold me her Town Car. She was the sole driver for 10 years. I've had the car for 10 years and its impeccably clean; runs great. Very few repairs needed in 7 years. Rides like you were in a living room. I'm selling it this year as we now have two cars and only need one. I'm sad cause I love it, but have no choice... My father always owned Lincolns and now I know why. There is no other car to feel safer on the road in terms of power and strong body. It's a WOW car. It has a silk black roof and a silver bottom. Love it...

Proud of it...

9th Jul 2007, 20:27

I have a 1986 Lincoln Town car which I call Baby Blue. Its been pretty warm up here lately, in Wisconsin... I have no air conditioning and I will NEVER give up on my baby... Open window policy... She is definately a keeper!!!

13th Sep 2007, 21:20

I am 16 and I have always loved Lincoln because my grandpa had tons of them and I got his 1986 Lincoln town car signature series and I love it!!! it is so smooth. but now my grandpa got a navigator so don't miss it too much.

23rd Nov 2009, 21:48

Why not. I am 18 and I owned two, an '87 and an '89. Good cars. I couldn't think of a better car for someone like me. I have always liked to think I had a level head on my shoulders, and these are great cars. Kids my age have no business in Mustangs, Camaros and the like.

27th Mar 2011, 12:44

The stalling is a common issue related to poor TFI design. It's on the side of the distributor.

This gen never had traction control, and certainly, doesn't corner like it's a Honda, you will kiss a light pole.

ALWAYS maintain the car's suspension. Especially the sway bar linkage. It's dirt cheap to buy, less than 20 bucks, can be done inside of 20 minutes for the front, and same for the rear, and is a MUST HAVE... yeah, it's cool tilting the car around a corner, but the suspension has more give than you think, and it's easy to put it out of balance.

This is the best car to own, hands down.