22nd Aug 2007, 18:16

I think the Town Car's styling is getting a bit long in tooth. It has had the same basic style since 1998 and not been updated at all since 2003. Unfortunately the suspension was stiffened up in 2003. I have not ridden in a newer model, but my grandparents 1999 model doesn't seem to ride any softer than my Buick. Personally I prefer the styling of the Buicks and Cadillacs over Lincoln, although I like the larger size of the Lincoln. I live in Northern Indiana so front wheel drive is very nice in Winter. I don't see the benefit of body on frame construction if it doesn't produce a softer or quieter ride. I used to be crazy for the Town Car, but since I have owned a Buick I will never drive anything, but.

31st Aug 2007, 14:39

11:34 I think you are exaggerating just a little. Well, maybe if the Town Car collided with a Toyota Yaris or something like that.

4th Feb 2008, 11:46

The Town Car is a few inches taller than the Cadillac DTS, 2004 that my dad owns which makes getting into and out of much easier in the Town Car.

The Town Car also has the keypad entry on the driver's door. Will never have to lock keys in the car again. My dad did lock his keys in his DTS and the onstar could not make a connection to his car.

The DTS's FWD drives great in deeper snow and on some mixed ice. As far as I can see it. The DHS's only advantage is traction on snow and ice. FWD pulls on the steering wheel while taking off and turning during all other driving. The Town Car's RWD is super smooth and the steering wheel doesn't try to pull straight under hard acceleration at an angle.

Same MPG, but the Town Car is bigger.

Resale value is about the same.

I will keep my old 2004 Town Car for many more years to come.

10th Jul 2009, 16:17

I hate to burst your bubble, but the modern Lincolns are not nearly as luxurious as they once were either. The Town Car's days are numbered and the MKS which will most likely replace it looks like a bloated Toyota Camry.

16th Jul 2009, 00:43

It is very interesting reading all the comments for and against Town Car.

From my point of view, this Lincoln appeals to ever shrinking client base, there are many reasons for this.

First of all technology of building modern cars has made a quantum leap since Town Car was introduced, yet Ford managed only to keep updating the way the car looks but little else than that...

One of the comments above states that "body on frame" construction is stronger than modern "unibody" which is completely false statement. There is a reason why all modern cars are built with unibodies not otherwise, even Ford will introduce next gen Explorer as a unibody SUV (!).

As to Town Car, I drove one with only 15k on it, last year dealer demo. I really like the way the car looks outside, especially in white. Interior is another matter though, it's a disarray of styles, as if Lincoln tried to cram a little bit of everything on the dash, plastic felt like plastic and Lincoln didn't even try to make it look better except spraying metallic paint on it, buttons felt loose and hard, not something that conveys quality. Seats are the worse offenders though, covered in soft silky leather are hopelessly shapeless, offering zero lateral support and sore butt after 100 miles...

The car is commendably quiet, but again because of that you can hear where Ford cut corners, which is exhaust system, at any speed you can hear annoying drone coming from the resonator or muffler, even if you barely touch the gas pedal. It is especially audible from the rear seat.

Ride itself is like no other, "magic carpet" style, until you get into twisties and magic disappears.

All in all, the Town Car survived mostly because of Ford's huge sales incentives to rental, taxi and other fleet companies, and because its "better than other Fords" reliability... For most of luxury car clientele it's not enough to be just "good enough"... I hope Lincoln learns this before it vanishes...

4th Aug 2009, 06:12

Today's Town Car is not the car that it was back in say 1995.

Back in 1995 a new Town Car was top of the top for big cars.

Just about everyone who was over 50-years old when ask would say, "I'd love to have a new Town Car". When asking the same people today, they say Lexus, or even Toyota Avalon, except for the World War II vets, they still want an "American" Town Car.

I know that the Wixom plant has closed, but they are still, "American" to that generation.

Lincoln has slowly cut and cut and cut from the car.

Just a few examples:

Inside lining of glove box is now just hard plastic - stuff slides around in the box. No more crushed velvet.

Rear diff cover is no longer chrome.

The 2005 and newer steering wheel is very odd looking, and the 2005 and newer steering wheel radio controls are hard to use.

Back in 1995 the 4.6 L engine in the town car was in the top of its class. Today the same 4.6 is underpowered as compared to other $40,000 cars. But this engine is usually very durable and will go 300,000-miles.

The transmission is still only 4-speed, but maybe this is why they can go 300,000-miles if driven right, and serviced at least every 60,000-miles.

Compared to other $40,000 cars of today, the Town Cars ride is not as good as say even a new Buick.

Back in 1995 the Town Car was top of the top.

The basic deal with the Town Car is that Ford has not allowed the car to keep up with other cars.

I think that the Town Car can have a place in the modern luxury line up. I think that Ford can make the Town Car a car of power and class again. Ford had the market back in the 1990's. They slowly lost over the years.

I think that Ford is just milking what sales that they can from the livery market on the Town car, the actual people who buy them new for themselves to drive, will not live long enough to even break the car in.

I look for Ford to stop building the Town Car in the first part of 2011.

By the way I own a 1995 and I had a 2003 Cartier "L". I sold the 2003 due to the loss of my job. Thank God I still have my 1995 Cartier.

I will get a newer Town Car someday, but not newer than 2004.

The Town Car is still an excellent car, it is just not what it should/could have been.

8th Aug 2009, 22:37

I for one am sad to see the Town Car line ended. What Lincoln should have done was to rest the Town Car name for three years, then come back with a smaller Town Car with new technology and a to die for body, become different like the Cadillac CTS, and have all the options a car could have in it, but keep the frame and air bags.

I come from an era where the cars you bought had a semi soft ride, with the Town Car having the cloud effect ride. I know times are hard and money's tight, but it is my wish that the Town Car will once again rise like a Phoenix, young and beautiful, the champagne dream, that any man or woman can afford to have.

May I at 53 live to see this day.