12th Aug 2009, 16:48

What is the point of putting the Town Car name on a smaller car? Isn't that what the MKZ and MKS are for. I for one don't care what name they put on a car, although the old familiar names are much more pleasant than some of the newer names for cars. But regardless the Town Car should be a full-sized traditional car. I think Lincoln is doing the right thing by discontinuing the line. If you can't do it right, then don't do it at all. It is sad that there won't be many more full-sized cars left.

27th Feb 2010, 18:17

I beg to differ about the earlier comment regarding body on frame construction not being stronger than the modern unibody. There is a reason why heavy duty pick up trucks use body on frame contruction - it enables them to tow more. While the comment regarding a Town Car "cutting through other vehicles" may have been a little colourful, it doesn't change the fact that these vehicles provide excellent crash protection for the occupants. It will be a sad day when they stop making them.

7th Jun 2010, 21:56

The big problem now is: that no one wants a "big boat" anymore, which is a shame. I own a boat myself, and love it. But people don't want them anymore because of the idea that big car = bad MPG (which is wrong).

Also, people simply are afraid to handle a car that big. Many people I run into said they "can't drive" a big car. I always tell those people to "go back to driving school," haha. Simply put, if a lot of drivers that I see can't even drive their small cars correctly... how can they handle a big car? Haha just saying...

8th Jun 2010, 18:10

It is true that many large cars don't get much poorer mileage than smaller ones. My parents have a Mazda 6, and really don't even get as good as mpg as I do in my Buick Park Avenue. My car has a V6, thus the Town Car and other large Ford products with the V8 can't match the mileage of the large Buick.

There are a lot of middle-aged and older adults that drive small cars for whatever reason. I highly doubt that it is not being able to drive a large car though, as they drove in a time when a car like the Lincoln Town Car was mid-sized.

Cars are definitely getting smaller, and it is unfortunate for those of us who would still like to drive a full-sized car.

My next vehicle will probably be a Buick SUV, as there are very few large cars on the market anymore.

3rd Jul 2010, 18:42

It's a shame to see a once "mighty car" fall. For years (60s, 70s, etc) Lincoln always was ahead of Cadillac, not bashing Cadillac of course, they were still beautiful cars. Unfortunately, the Town Car fell behind. A person I work with rode in a 2009 Town Car... he said it was beautiful, but it was clear where Ford got cheap... lots of plastic, etc. Personally, I think the car makers should look back at their past automobiles and take a lesson (in quality, etc).

4th Jul 2010, 13:01

The product planners at Ford scheduled the end of Town Car production over three years ago. The factory now making Town Cars was supposed to be making something else by now, but the economic downturn put those plans on hold. That is why there have been no updates lately.

I know Ford wants people to buy the MKS instead, but while it handles a heck of a lot better than a Town Car and is nicer in a lot of other ways, I wish Ford was offering something new with the same super quiet interior and soft comfortable ride the Town Car has always been known for. Maybe they just figure to cede that market to Cadillac, Lexus and Buick.

7th Jul 2010, 18:03

Sadly Cadillac, Buick, and Lexus are planning flagships along the same lines of the MKS. It is unfortunate, but the large car is almost officially dead. I will probably move to a Buick SUV to replace my current large Buick sedan in a few years.

3rd Jan 2012, 12:14

The Lincoln Town Car maybe could survive if they got better styling and more modern features, so they could actually justify their base price. For styling, they should look at the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph for inspiration, because it's beautiful, modern, yet it wouldn't damn the car's heritage. I think that's what killed the 1998 and beyond Town Cars; their styling just wasn't consistent with the car's evolutionary styling heritage. The 1990-1997 Town Cars flourished because their styling was great, modern, and it didn't look too different from the 1981-1989 models. Plus, people could see where its design came from.

If Lincoln updated the styling, brought the Town Car into the 21st Century in terms of luxury features, didn't cut corners and get cheap (actually tried to make their products better like the foreign car makers do), and introduced modern luxury technological advances like adaptive suspension, well Ford and Lincoln already has a car far better than today's cars.

14th Feb 2016, 16:07

These cars are 10 times more durable than Cadillac. How many Cadillacs do you see get 300,000 to 600,000 miles; I haven't seen any or heard of any.

14th Feb 2016, 21:48

Only the big RWD C/D-body ones (1960s-1970s DeVille/Fleetwood/Eldorado (E-body), Brougham, mid-1990s Fleetwood, RWD Seville (RWD K-body)).

15th Feb 2016, 01:39

Nothing with the Northstar under the hood, but the 472, 500, 425, and 368 CID iron block and heads Cadillac engines were capable.