28th Dec 2009, 15:26

I love my Lincoln and it also has coil springs, but I am running into other problems with it, and I understand it is getting old, but I think I will go with a Cadillac next, if I find one as comfortable as the older Broughams.

29th Dec 2009, 22:08

Yes, the old RWD Broughams are magnificent cars indeed, and so is the Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, Town Car, Delta 88, Roadmaster Parisienne, Caprice. Are there anymore I'm forgetting?

Anyway, I'm 20 and own a 95' Grand Marquis and 98' Crown Victoria. I'm about to write a very detailed letter to Ford as to why they should keep the Panther cars, but I will need some help from you guys and the uncountable number of police and taxi's out there.

These cars are so cheap, yet so beautiful and reliable that why not own six! That's why I purchased my Grand Marquis. See I bought my first Crown Vic (civilian) in September 2008, and after that I knew I had to have more, these cars are like Skittles: you cannot just have one, so in November of this year I picked up my 95' Grand Mar. Since the C.V. and G.M. are so similar anyways (Grand Mar has a happy-like face and Crown Vic a sad one. Nearly the same though), I think my next luxury liner will be a Town Car... hmmm, maybe even a P71 Interceptor!

Don't get me wrong, I love Caprice's and anything else with a frame Suburbans etc. Yet Caprices are rare enough, but forget finding a Delta 88 or 98. My grandmother had a 82' Delta 88 Royale and (even rarer) a 84' 98 Regency. Sadly she sold them and deeply regrets it. I'll tell you when I drove the 82', it was just as quiet, smooth, nearly as powerful, and had nearly all the stopping power of my two Queen Mary's with the original brake drums! And get this all with 360,573 miles. That is the last mileage I recorded the 82' at the last time I seen it and that is the 100% utmost truth.

Phew! My fingers are tired as this is my longest comment to date on this wonderful website.

Thank You all and Happy New Year!

2nd Jan 2010, 21:48

You forgot Mopar's 1980's offerings:

The Dodge Diplomat, Plymouth Caravelle and Chrysler New Yorker/Fifth Avenue.

4th Jan 2010, 02:19

Duh! that was dumb of me! I used to have a 1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue (RWD). Figures that I would forget to add it to the list. I cannot believe I forgot that one! Thanks! I also loved its siblings, the Gran Fury and Dippy. A 1985 Suburban 3/4 ton was also one of my beasts.