20th Sep 2015, 16:35

I agree with the above comment, the post 97 Town Cars got worse in everything. From its styling, to its quality, and suspension comfort.

For a great comparison alone, compare a 95 Town Car Cartier Edition to a 98 on up TC Cartier, and you'll find that the 95 model is much more comfortable, is smoother, and the leather seat upholstery is a much higher level of quality.

20th Sep 2015, 17:32

A Town Car with its factory audio system? Now THAT'S a rarity!

"I have an 79 Town Car and it does ride better"

Odds are the '01 Town Car handles better; those old models look nice, but you wouldn't want to drive one in anger!

27th Sep 2015, 04:00

Town Cars are amazing rides and such a pleasure to own. Styling wise my favorites are the boxy 80s Town Cars, but I also really like the 2000+ models in black or white with a landau vinyl top; such a beautiful car. Either way, looks aside, it's the interior comfort and ride quality that counts. Town Cars are probably the most low maintenance luxury car on the market too, very durable and reliable. I usually only buy GM products, but since they don't make a full size rear wheel drive V-8 sedan anymore, I've switched to a P-71 Crown Victoria. Hoping to find a nice well maintained Town Car in my area one of these days though!

5th Oct 2015, 23:32

I would say GM doesn't make a rear wheel V8 sedan anymore! It's been almost 20 years now sadly.

6th Oct 2015, 15:09

Hasn't been "almost 20 years now": the Chevrolet SS, a RWD V8 powered sedan built by GM in Australia, has been available for the last couple of years, though it won't be after this year, sadly.

28th Oct 2015, 17:53

The Chevrolet SS is expected to continue to be available through 2017, when the Australian plant where it is built will be closed by GM.

2nd Mar 2016, 18:15

Good information, sounds like it's a great car. I'm thinking hard about buying an 01 Signature Series with 82,000 miles. I'm pretty sure I'll love it as well; I see nothing but great reviews. Thanks again...

16th Mar 2017, 04:04

Very true!

Of course, I wouldn't want to drive a final generation Town Car in anger, either. They have the reflexes of a drunken hippopotamus.