27th May 2002, 07:47

I am the owner of a 1991 Lincoln Town Car. I live in Minnesota, and the wether has not been kind to this car. Rust is gathering at the lower doors. I have replaced the Transmission 2 times, and the Air Conditioner. This car has 136,000 miles. The check engine lite has had to be repaired 5 times. The Air Bag lite flashes, and I have covered it with Black tape. Oh well, it still rides fine, and I love the trunk size..

15th Jul 2002, 00:46

This car sounds like my wife's old 1986 (first model year) Mercedes Benz 300E. This is the 2nd year of this body style and may have something to do with it. I have an 89 Town Car with a much more reliable coil spring rear suspension, but I will mention my mother-in-law has been driving Town Cars for the last 14 years and has never had any major mechanical problems with any of them. She is still driving her 97 (last year of your style), of which is is the original owner and also has a new 2002. She won't drive anything else.

21st Sep 2011, 00:22

Stop taking it to the dealer and get in with your local mechanic! There is an opportunity to save a lot of money by supporting the local mom and pop repair shops. It is unfortunate that you've found the Town Car expensive to repair, but wait till the Volvo does! Been there done that! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but in my opinion most Volvo's and Town Cars alike tend to be pretty decent cars. I guess it all comes down to what you'd prefer, a mid-grade luxury car or a top of the line soccer mom sedan/wagon. New Lincolns run 45K's vs. the new XC70 at 35K's ish. Kind of like comparing a BMW 5-series to a Cadillac Deville...

24th Dec 2015, 03:50

A lot of your issues seem to be electrical, which is a significant issue with Panthers built during the 1980s and 1990s.