30th Dec 2005, 04:39

I bought my Town Car Signature one owner used with only 9,000 miles on it and I absolutely LOVE this car. I paid a decent price for great American Luxury, too. (around $19,000) because it was a tax sale. This car will do anything for you, but pick your nose. It is one of the most comfortable cars I've ever ridden in, nothing in the past can compare, besides the '95-'97 Town Cars. I also have a '97 Town Car Signature and it is in almost mint condition, and I also bought this one used just this year (05) with 72,898 miles and just a little less than $6,000. The only gripe I have with this car is that I think the paint is slowly chipping away around the passenger door (possibly from the car wash?) because this was a one owner clean car-fax car, too. Any suggestions on what to do about this? And, I've been reading and saw that the intake manifold breaks on these cars (mine is still original) is there any warning before this happens? Such as the Check Engine light or something or does it just happen all at once? And, can anyone tell me when to expect the airbags on the suspension to need replacing, such as a common mileage range? Thanks for any of your help, if you'd have any answers to this please feel free to email me at c_hosselton16@yahoo.com and cole_hosselton@hotmail.com Just use something pertaining to "Lincoln Review" as a subject so it doesn't get deleted! Thanks!

2nd Jun 2006, 17:01

My family has driven Lincoln Town cars since 1984. None of them have ever had one problem...EVER. The ride is whisper quiet and smooth, and the most recent (a 2003 Signature edition) has very impressive power and acceleration for such a large car. Other family members own BMW's, Jaguars and Mercedes. None of them impress me as much as the Lincoln for sheer luxury and comfort, especially on long trips.

10th Jul 2006, 23:21

I have a 2003 Town Car Executive and everyone that I talk to loves these cars. Ford sells about 50,000 of these cars a year. I am surprised that more owners don’t write reviews on their Town Cars, but I guess that the average town car owner has never even been on the internet.

There is no doubt that all these reviews are genuine. I don’t understand why that persons entry was made.

I can tell you that Town Cars are pleasure to own and drive. I look forward to buying a new one someday. Until I get a higher income, I will have to settle for $18,000 used Town Cars. I am 26 and just graduated college, but have not found a job yet, but when I do I will be in the line for a new Town Car if Ford still builds them, if not a Town Car, I guess I will get a fully loaded Mercury Montego.

17th Sep 2006, 18:35

This year we made our mother downsize to a smaller car due to the fact that she kept hitting things with her Town Car (she is getting on in years). The repair bills were getting to be a big problem for all the dents, dings, and scrapes. I must say, however, that none of the cars our family has owned has ever impressed me like the Town Car for sheer luxury and smooth, quiet ride with more than ample power. Mom has owned one since 1984 and none of them has ever had one single problem. They are, in my opinion, the absolute best luxury car on the planet. I've ridden in our friends' Mercedes and Jaguars and they do not impress me as much as the Town Cars do.

27th Sep 2006, 13:28

You wouldn't think so given the exorbitant price tag, but these cars are nothing more than gussied up Crown Vics. The features list is quite short when compared to comparable cars in this price class. These Town Cars have suffered from terribly unreliable and expensive faulty transmissions and airbag suspension systems. I do think they are gorgeous cars, but besides the styling, I find them to be rather crude and plain for a full-size luxury car. The comparable Cadillac DTS offers gadgets that aren't even available on the Town Car, rides far more supple, and has a very high tech engine in comparison. I love the classiness of the Town Car and think it's far more attractive than the Cadillac DTS, but it's really very little bang for your buck. A loaded up Crown Vic is about $20k (Yes, $20k!) less with many of the same features. I can't see justifying that much higher of a price tag over the Crown Vic for HID headlights and a remote closing trunk. You can buy another car with that, for cryin' out loud! My opinion of the Town Car is that it's a very attractive, and nice driving car overall, but the price is not justified by a long shot. They depreciate in value so quickly it's absurd to even contemplate buying one brand-new.

5th Dec 2006, 13:17

I got a new 2006 Town Car for only $28,999 while on special. I had looked at a new fully loaded Grand Marquis LS with dual heated seats and every option. That special order Grand Marquis was going to be almost $30,000.

I realize that my $29,999 Town Car was a special in inventory deal, but if you look hard and are willing to travel a day or two, you can get a Town Car for the same money as an ordered Grand Marquis fully loaded.

This is my second Town Car. My first one was a 1996. The 96 was a great car that got up to 190,000 miles with only a new intake manifold and a new power window. I donated the car to charity after I backed into a tall sidewalk and busted up the back bumper. The car still drove fine and looked fine from a distance. I went to the charity auction to see what my old car brought and it raised $2400. Not bad for a ten year old car with almost 200,000 miles and some damage.

By the way I got 23.0 mpg out of the 96 and I get 22.1 avg. out of the new one. Not bad for a big car. My 2000 V-6 Toyota 4-runner gets 14 mpg in the same driving and the Town Car is heavier.

20th Dec 2006, 17:44

I have owned a 2003 Town Car for about 1 year and it is a great car. It's the best riding car I've ever owned. I have never had any problems with it. I don't know why everyone wants to keep comparing it to a Mercury Marquis. Those cars are not half as beautiful as the Lincoln. The Town Car just looks much more sophisticated. That big chrome grille and low, limo like stance is just perfect. The Marquis looks like a church and grocery store car no matter how you dress it up. I'll bet that people who drive the Marquis and Crown Vic's really wanted a Town Car. It probably secretly eats them up every time they pull up next to a Town Car at the red light.

7th Feb 2007, 18:41

I just bought a 1993 town car executive, with 154,000 miles and I love this car, it is more powerful then my previous car, which is 2002 chrysler concorde limited.