11th May 2007, 18:11

"These Town Cars have suffered from terribly unreliable and expensive faulty transmissions and airbag suspension systems"

Other than the air suspension being a bit touchy these cars do not suffer from terribly unreliable transmissions, where you got this from is beyond me.

"The comparable Cadillac DTS offers gadgets that aren't even available on the Town Car, rides far more supple, and has a very high tech engine in comparison".

The DTS is a pretty nice car, but has a poor setup having front wheel drive with a transversely mounted v8, and if its anything like the Northstar equipped Devilles of the past, having a high tech engine and a bunch of gadgets isn't going to mean anything if the car is in the shop constantly for repairs.

"They depreciate in value so quickly it's absurd to even contemplate buying one brand-new".

And I suppose a Cadillac appreciates when bought new eh?

16th Nov 2007, 17:02

"A very high tech engine..."

And there you have it, folks!! Also, the touch-screen debit readers at the grocery store are better than the "old" push-button ones, and LED warning lights on school buses are much better than incandescent ones. After all, they're HIGH TECH!!

Perhaps not.

People like the Lincoln Town Car for what it is... a very comfortable, very roomy SIX PASSENGER AMERICAN luxury car.

What's that, you ask? It's what people aspired to own before everyone decided that a car isn't worth the value of its sheet metal unless it's sporty, an import, or very closely styled after one. We're comparing apples and pencils here. The Town Car is built to carry six people in comfort... this means a very spacious interior, comfortable seating, functional climate control systems, and (GASP!!) a front bench seat and a smooth ride!! Not to mention that this car performs extremely well in the crash tests, and can carry just as much cargo, and more passengers, than a Chevy Trailblazer or a Ford Explorer. For you environmentalists out there, you'll also find it notable that the Town Car does so while producing far less emissions. This is because cars are subject to stricter emission requirements than "light trucks".

Do I like sports cars? Yes. One is sitting in my driveway. Parked behind it is a Buick LeSabre.

25th Dec 2007, 19:52

I own a 2003 Lincoln Town Car, and yes I do agree that it is the best luxury car on the road today. That is including anything from Mercedes, Lexus or BMW and yes yes Cadillac. I recently rented a 2007 Cadillac and there is no comparison to the Town Car. The Lincoln has much more room and a lot better put together than the Caddy and better looking by far. If Ford does away with this awesome car then they need their heads examined!!! That would be another stupid move that Ford has made again. I really hope that they listen to the consumer and KEEP THIS BEAUTIFUL CAR IN PRODUCTION FOREVER!!! If they do do away with it then there is nothing out there to replace it. Hope they listen..

23rd Jan 2008, 01:18

I have a 2002 Lincoln Town Car Signature that is in showroom conditions. I had 1986, 1988, 1992, 1996, and now a 2002. Every year got better, but this one is something to brag about. Lincoln is the best riding luxury car that you will ever find. My 2002 gives you showroom looks because of its beautiful Pearl Blue exterior, Light Parchment interior, full rag top (blue) with gold buttons, power moon roof, heated power seat, automatic level ride, adjustable foot pedals, memory seats, traction control, anti-lock braking, driver/passenger/side air bags Alpine AM/FM/Tape 6 CD changer, phone system, chrome Lincoln rims, chrome fender trim, chrome rocker panel, and Vogue Tyres. For total comfort, safety, performance and style, it is and always will be the Lincoln Town Car. And guess what? 80,000 miles with no problems. Its only been back to the dealership for oil changes and State inspection.

19th Feb 2008, 20:47

Bought a 2000 town car with 33,500 miles and liked it for about a year when the transmission went bad costing $1800 to replace. Only 6 months later the air blower in dash went bad costing $1100 to repair. Now at 101,000 miles I'm told I need an intake manifold at a cost of $1200. Missed the manifold extended warranty. Nice comfortable ride? Yes, but will never buy a ford or lincoln product again. Ask me if I'm just a little annoyed?

6th Mar 2009, 21:15

I have always loved those BIG LINCOLNS. I owned a 1993 executive edition. The car lasted me 200K miles. At that time I sold it for $1300.00.

Although it is a bit dated from the tech side of things, it doesn't affect its functionality at all. Also when purchased used they represent WONDERFUL value. 2003, and 2004 models are available now with under 50K miles for as little as $8,500.00.

Mileage isn't bad either. My 1993 got 26 miles to the gallon, plus it ran on 87 octane, not high test.

2nd Dec 2009, 22:49

I have had my 2000 Town Car Signature for a month now. It is Pearl White/Sand two tone, with the tan leather interior. It is a GREAT car, and just eats up the highway like a big family sedan should. I looked at Cadi's and SUV's and minivans, and couldn't bring myself to buy a car whose starter is under the intake manifold (Cadi) an SUV to drink a gallon of gas in 13 to 16 miles, or a van (actually not a terrible choice) to rust away like the newer ones seem to do...

These luxury cars seem to use a much higher quality metal than other cars. For example, I had a 1990 Chrysler Imperial that I traded in for my Towncar. It had 150,000 miles on it, and I put it through 6 harsh winters, and was not really kind to it. Still no rust.

How many newer Towncars have you seen with the rockers rusted away, or the bottoms of the fenders looking like swiss cheese? I bet it's not too many. I have feeling this car will give me a decade without too many issues.

5th Nov 2010, 21:57

I love my 03 Town Car; searched for a year for the right car "very few for sale in Canada". My wife drives it most of the time, commuting 80 klm or 50 miles a day to work.

The TC replaced a Volvo 850 with 450,000 on it; good car, but would have been gone a lot sooner if I would have had it dealer serviced.

The TC gets better gas mileage than the Volvo "2 more trips for the same amount of fuel" and having her surrounded by that much iron gives me peace of mind.

Body on frame, V8, dual exhaust, quiet, leather heated seats and 27 mpg; can you beat it. I love this car.

19th Dec 2010, 23:01

Wow! 2011 will be the last year for the Town Car.

20th Dec 2010, 20:39

"very few for sale in Canada"...

There are plenty of Town Cars for sale on www.autotrader.ca.

21st Dec 2010, 11:07

Man this is sad. I'm 21 and will only keep driving real cars: Body-on-frame, RWD etc. You will be dearly missed, Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, Lincoln Town Car and all of you other wonderful beauties Caprice, Fleetwood, Delta 88 up until 1884 and so on.

23rd Dec 2010, 17:41

These cars have been mostly neglected since 1998. Of course they were updated in '03, but that has been nearly 8 years now. Ford should have updated these cars long ago; instead they just let it languish, and deleted a lot of options that are mandatory on a luxury car these days. I guess cars like these were neglected because they have such low profit margins these days, because they sell in such low numbers.

27th Dec 2010, 19:07

Yes, they had character, which is a rarity these days with nothing but forgettables out there. Even the German big guns nowadays are just bloated overpriced status symbol dirt. Bring back the quadlamp, chrome grille, upright shape with more fuel efficient engines, and I think we all agree, we are on to a winner.