1999 Lotus Elise Standard 1.8i from UK and Ireland


The border line of sports car and super car


From new the steering rack was faulty, has been replaced and now OK. Squeak in steering from rubber bung, fixed.

Alarm switch in boot replaced where rubber protection top ripped off. Leaking boot, fixed myself.

Sticking throttle at 2-3K RPM, fixed with new throttle body.

The dealer I bought it from was hopeless, they rarely fixed problems first time and rarely called back. I have since changed to a new dealer who are fantastic. Now all the 'new car' problems have been fixed, it is very reliable. Always starts, always quick!

General Comments:

This car is quick, very quick. It's everything I want in a car, soft top, flashy, neat and not too expensive with Ferrari performance. Newer models or upgraded cars have better top end performance. If you don't mind the spartan interior and firm ride, this is a great car. It is also something you learn to appreciate the longer you have it.

Nearly everyone looks, some shout. It handles so precisely, the steering is delicate and the pedals are well tuned. You also have good feel of the road and the brakes, due to the fact there is no power steering and no servos on the brakes. Get a copy of Jeremy Clarkson's video, Apocalypse Clarkson to get a better description. This car is an extension of your nervous system.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2000

25th Jan 2002, 05:56

Ferrari performance!? I think not. A Ferrari has a 0-60 of about four seconds, and is capable of speads of up to 175mph. The Lotus Elise struggles to top 125mph and has a 0-60 time of around 5.6 seconds. Get your facts right next time please..

26th Feb 2002, 04:32

I have just purchased a early 98 Elise and reading your review just makes the fact that I have to wait another 2 weeks for it all the harder to bear!

Cannot Wait!

1999 Lotus Elise 111s 1.8 VVC from UK and Ireland


Great but badly let down by niggly faults


1) Heater fan stalled. A "known" problem fixed under warranty.

2) Throttle sticking at 2000 rpm - seen in both previous reviews. Dealer suggested replacement of throttle body 1 month out of warranty at £100+. You must be kidding! That's 3 out of 3 reviews with this problem. Should be a free fix for all customers! Take note Lotus.

3) Window glass dropped out of holder. Dealer suggested glass replacement even though it's the bond not the glass that gave way. Cost at £80+. Get real! It's a cop out.

General Comments:

Dealer (London Lotus) pretty poor on sales. Service department good but embarrassed by these "known" items. Fan fault was present when purchased and not detected. Lotus seem disinterested in fixing their design faults and the dealer is not interested in seeking proper recompense. The car is great but I'm wondering what will go wrong next.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2000

1999 Lotus Elise 111S 1.8 VVC petrol from UK and Ireland


The only problem I've had is the accelerator sticking, causing the engine revs to stick between 2 - 3,000 RPM. This will be fixed at the next service in a couple of 100 kms. Documented fault, so it won't be a problem. Otherwise everything is superb.

General Comments:

Only got the car a few weeks ago, must stop driving it at every opportunity, because it's still a bit icy outside. Car is better than I could have dreamed.

Can't wait for Spring. Le Mans 2000 here I come.

Buy one of these cars if you ever have a chance!

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2000

1999 Lotus Elise 111 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


The clutch stuck to the bottom of the floor after 600 miles due to a problem with the routing of the hydraulic fluid hose.

Clutch pedal squeaked and required a new bushing.

Seat belt clasp snapped.

Problems opening the locks.

The starter motor failed completely 2 days before Christmas 99 and the car was taken away and not repaired for 2 weeks.

Reverse light failed to illuminate on several occasions.

Throttle body was replaced due to "sticking at high revs"

General Comments:

Blisteringly fast acceleration and awesome cornering. The car (when it works) makes everybody very jealous and loves to be thrashed.

Customer service left a lot to be desired as I was not provided with a courtesy car. Only 1 year warranty so repairs looked as though they would be expensive and frequent. I sold mine and bought a new Merc SLK.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2000