1989 Lotus Esprit 2.2 from Cyprus


GREAT CAR - Lots of trouble though


Top end engine rebuild due to cross threaded spark plug.

New clutch master cylinder.

New clutch slave cylinder.

New windscreen.

New A/C compressor.

New radiator fans.

New radiator fan supports.

Driver and passenger side electric windows faulty.

Car repainted.

Rusty engine cover holding thingy!!! (not sure of the name)

New alloy water bottle.

New alloy wheels and tyres.

New water hoses.

New fuel lines.

Stainless steel clutch hose.

Underbody clips - Pclips holding gearbox surround.

New UJ steering joint.

New suspension - adjustable.

New ball joints.

New engine mounts.

New Larini stainless steel exhaust.

General Comments:

Lovely car overall.

Just make sure that you bear in mind that the cost of ownership is astronomical. I have calculated that I ended up paying 10,000 Euro in just 10 months of ownership, and only covered about 1000 miles.

Ownership in Cyprus can be a NIGHTMARE due to the lack of support.

I love the Lotus, and even though it has tortured me, I will not sell the car. It drives great, and sounds just amazing with a Larini exhaust.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2011

6th Jul 2022, 17:28

I would love one of these, despite the famously expensive upkeep and problems.

1989 Lotus Esprit SE 2.2 from UK and Ireland


A true classic car


Keeping up with the oil leaks from the drive shafts has been a problem.

The reverse gear is hard to select when the car has been driven through urban slow traffic and the running temperature is warmer.

The gears can be difficult to change.

General Comments:

This car is always exhilarating to drive.

It handles beautifully and the turbo sounds gorgeous.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2002

1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo 2.2 turbo gasoline from North America


Replaced front wheel bearings at 26,000 miles.

Recharged A/C at 36,000 during routine "C" service.

General Comments:

This is the most sophisticated and reliable of the six Lotus cars I have owned (never more than one at a time)... I characterize it as being "Toyota reliable" although I recognize that this is not always a characteristic of Lotus cars.

The car is beautiful, exquisitely finished, and a reward to drive and be seen in. It draws favorable comments from a huge variety people everywhere I drive it.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2000

9th Sep 2012, 15:43

I am going to look at one next week. I'm investigating the maintenance costs ahead of time. I know this is impossible to hit to the nearest cent, but assuming an average condition one, what do you estimate the annual maintenance cost to be? It will be mostly highway driving and let's say 3000 miles per year. Any input is appreciated.

5th Dec 2012, 06:28


I just bought an Excel. After extensive research, I found that all the "average" ones will cost you as much, if not more, to put right, than a "good" one.

Make sure it has full service history, and buy the most expensive one you can afford; it will be cheaper in the long run, I promise you.


8th Jul 2022, 14:01

Make sure you fit inside.