7th Apr 2004, 03:05

But did you like the car?

10th May 2004, 06:42

It's a great pity the reviewer made the mistake of expecting a modern 4x4 when they purchased the car.

As to its 'ruggedness', many owners of 'modern' jeeps would give their right arms for the Dana 44 axles that come as standard on the Mahindra, not to mention the Spicer model 18 transfer box. Both these items are 'legendary' in their ability to continue giving faithful service after years of abuse.

Leaking roof! get in any 'truly' convertible car and the roof leaks during downpours, I know, I have been dripped on by many over the years!!

Don't have any illusions about Mahindra's, they may have a modern number plate, but they are, in essence, a vehicle from the 1950's. As a result they have all the shortcomings you would expect of a car that is 50 years old!

I have one of these vehicles and wouldn't swap it for any of the modern 4x4's. Its basic and crude and that's its attraction. No electronic boxes means easy servicing and repairs by a competent amateur.

If you want Air-con, traction control and a CD player buy a Range amazon land cruiser rover...

5th Jul 2004, 16:24

Smelly, Crude, Nasty very noisy bumpy ride, as basic as anything you will ever drive (ever), but without doubt THE most fun and endearing vehicle I have ever owned. But remember what it's forefathers where designed for.. combat..WWII, I rest my case..Respect.

2nd Apr 2005, 11:39

I'm from India, the home of Mahindra. A great fan of the machine and is waiting to own one as of-course my hobby car. You have to be a jeep lover to own and use one. I fully appreciate the comments posted and agree 100%.

11th Sep 2005, 22:51

Do not buy a U.S. made "Real Jeep", unless you want to own and drive REAL rubbish!

19th Sep 2005, 16:04

The mahindra is one of the worst made cars. The KENYA Police bought these jeeps from India a few years ago and NON of them run at the moment. As a matter of fact, there is an inquiry into the scandal of how the government spent taxpayers money for such junk. They are sitting as pile of rubbish which needs to be recycled as scrap metal. These "jeeps"should be banned from the world market because they are an environmental concern.Oh! about the smoke.. they emit the darkest smoke I have ever seen and when blown by wind, the smoke moves faster than the car.

19th Sep 2005, 20:01

The mahindra is not a present days jeep. I know of a country where there is an inquiry as to why the Govt spent money on such cars. One of the concern was the smoke emission and the slow speed. Also none of the jeeps run. They are awaiting to be recycled as scrap metal.

21st Oct 2005, 08:07

Mahindra has done the best they could under the governmental restrictions in India at the time. Currently I request the critiques to drive a Bolero and Scorpio and see what Air conditioning. Power Steering and Disc brakes have done with vastly improved suspension. Off road handling remains the best amongst the SUV's of the world.

Where is the American Jeep today and where is Mahindra. Does the American Jeep dare compare.

I would like to add that the 2112 c. c Peugeot that powered the Mahindras has in some known cases exceeded 4-500,000 Kms without any overhaul in treacherous Indian conditions.

Sateesh S. Magal



22nd Oct 2005, 00:08

I agree with the previous comment regarding the Mahindra`s off-road abilities. Like the indestructible Lada Niva from Russia, the Mahindra excels in REAL off-road conditions - like we have here in the Australian outback. It is not a pretentious vehicle like the American Jeep- which looks stylish, but is only average in off-road performance and is generally purchased by city-dwellers who NEVER go off-road.

8th Nov 2005, 15:48

I have to agree with all the positive comments about the Mahindra Jeep as I have owned one for 8 years now. It is definitely a fine machine for off road use. I have put on a 4 inch lift, locking differentials and winch. I am a big Jeep fan and own 6 including the Mahindra. I must tell you that it is built much like my 45 Willys. My other rigs are a 47 Willys pick up, 51 Willys pick up, 1990 Grand Wagoneer and an 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon which has several upgrades. Most parts from the 45, 47, and 51 all interchange which makes finding parts and restoring these fun.

6th May 2006, 00:55

Good comment! The Mahindra is a much underrated vehicle. It is a true 4X4 - rugged and tough. And you`re right - appearance is a subjective opinion. Personally, I think it looks great.

17th Aug 2006, 16:12

Hi all.

After reading all the comments on the Mahindra, I just had to add my bit. Yes, I'm sure everybody could comment on the Jeep in relation to the other vehicles they have used, but obviously it's not a highway vehicle, which people are noting its short commings in that regard, it was never intended to be. If they wanted a luxury car, then buy a luxury car.

The Mahindra is a beast of an off road vehicle, and can perform or outperform the best of them. That's where it comes into its own. Where the roads end, the Mahindra takes to its element.

Incidently I use a Mahindra as an everyday car. Fitted with an overdrive and fw hubs, and it copes admirably on road and off road, not much can match it!!!

28th Sep 2006, 15:53

The Kenyan police have used Land Rovers for the longest time, which were okay, but expensive to maintain. They changed to Mahindras and soon became a running joke (no pun intended). One famous cartoon caption had them jumping out of the Mahindra and chasing crooks on foot - because that was the faster way to go.

The Kenyan police have since switched to the fantastic Land Cruizer Pickup (not THAT Landcruiser, think of a modern FJ pickup) and have never looked back.

The original reviewer is right. Unless you really love this vehicle and are prepared to put up with its pains, stay away. Dana axles may be great items, but they don't really help when the car is always up on stones in the repair shop.

13th Dec 2006, 12:02

Hello all, I have to say that the Mahindra Jeep has to be up there with my all time favourite vehicles. I learned to drive at the age of 10 in one of these amazing machines, it was owned buy a shooting syndicate and I used to pick up all the shot game. It never gave me any trouble, the only time it wouldn't start was when it had a flat battery. That was seven years ago so the vehicle is now over 20 years old. It has been dumped in a field, but still runs, so I have now decided to rescue it and bring it home. There is nothing like driving a mahindra with the wind in your hair and the roar and smell of the 2.1 diesel. It's not about speed or comfort it's about sheer rugged engineering and keeping things simple. So you can have your own views on the mahindra, but it will stay one of my most favourite vehicles of all time.