2005 Maruti Baleno LXI 1.6 SOHC All Aluminium from India


Excellent - Best car in its category


Surprisingly - Nothing has gone wrong...

Everything works the way it is supposed to work - i.e. BEAUTIFULLY!!

General Comments:

Baleno is quiet on the inside, very very quiet.

Road manners are excellent. I recently drove it through 800 kilometres in two days all alone, and that included about 300 kms on hilly tracks.

Multiple plus points - At speeds of 140-160kmph it was simply driving at 3000rpm with lots of reserve power to overtake.

The car was quiet at high speeds with literally no wind howl, and very little road noise (even with the original tyres, I am sure with Higher Aspect ratio tyres, the grip and NVH and braking will improve).

On hilly tracks, I was doing as much as 90 kmph without a missed heartbeat, courtesy of the excellent ride, handling, suspension, brakes, etc. etc. Absolutely impressive.

All through the AC would chill, and I had to mix with hot air, just to keep the windows closed and not have the wind screaming over my ear drums to slow down!!!

The seats are the BEST IN CLASS.. Most comfortable and imagine driving at breakneck speed for 400 kilometres at a stretch in a day - single handedly at high speeds, and through dust storms and torrential rains - and reaching home without aching bones...

AC is best in class.

Road grip is phenomenal...

Average fuel consumption that I got for the 800km trip with more than 250kms on hilly terrain, with two passengers, and luggage and AC used 75% of the time, and driving at break neck speed - 12 kilometres per litre.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2005

18th Dec 2005, 05:20

Very useful.

19th Jan 2006, 02:50

I was searching the features to support my decision to buy Baleno VXi. Here I found my last investigation satisfied. Thanks for the support information. It is really exiting. Kumar A.

12th Apr 2006, 00:06

I am considering buying Baleno VXI 2006 Model. IS there someway I can get information about the differences between Baleno VXI 2005 and 2006 models?

Renjith Kumar.