20th Jan 2005, 05:05

I had a 3200 and have had various problems, the ecu drained the battery and the bootlid and petrol cap became loose. Also trim began to fall off. Finally the car went out of control at 50mph and plowed into a tree. I was very disappointed because I heard so many things about how they had improved it. Perhaps the 4200 is better.

24th Sep 2005, 06:29

The car went out of control at 50mph, or the driver lost control at 50mph. These are two VERY different things. I would suspect the latter as being the truth.

1st Dec 2005, 10:46

These cars pay you back the same way you treat them. Cars don't veer out of control by their own account unless they encounter catastrophic failure of a component. If you can't drive these cars, you shouldn't own one and certainly not complain you had a close encounter with a tree...

23rd Dec 2005, 10:24

There was actually a serious error in some of the 3200GTs chassis. I don't have the letter I received from Maserati here, but the car was called back for repair (free ofcourse).

Something in the front end caused some 3200GTs to lose steering-control.

24th Dec 2005, 08:10

Well I am surprised to hear these issues, but crazy as I am I am still looking for one.

Is the build quality that poor?

4th Jan 2006, 09:36

In answer to the query about reliability, I owned a 3200 GT for four years and during that time had three breakdowns: the first (complete shutdown of all engine functions) after a few weeks only, necessitating the call-out of a breakdown truck - cause: electrical; the second: refusal to start in my garage (again electrical) ; and the third a crack in a turbo pipe, which left me with only tick-over in first gear to get home (most embarrassing). A case of love - disillusionment - divorce...

9th Jan 2006, 14:35

I purchased a 3200gt from the local Ferrari agents here in Cape Town about three weeks ago and intend to use the car daily. So far I have been pleasantly surprised by the awesome performance, but also pleasant drive for everyday use. A great car by all means - keeping in mind we are still on honeymoon...

8th Feb 2006, 07:20

I have a 3200GT and have increased the boost, changed the air intake, installed an electronic boost controllern and lowered itn not to mention a big stereo. This is a car I drive every day (for the last 3 years) and it rocks.

13th Mar 2006, 08:14

I'm very pleased to hear there ARE people out there who are using their Masers everyday, and still sounding happy! I'm about to plunge for a 2003 4200 Coupe for day to day business use, around 20k miles a year.

Am I being blinded by desire, my head says Porsche 993, but my heart... I was even considering an older 456GT, so I have managed to convince myself that in fact now I am making the sensible choice in the newer Maserati.

Any experienced advice out there? Well, probably no matter what anyone says the gorgeous black/tan-leather beauty will replace my oh so proficient, but oh so dull 530i by the end of the month. I can't wait.

13th Mar 2006, 12:21

Doesn't the Maserati average something like 10 mpg? The Porsche and your existing BMW get much better mileage.

Obviously you can afford the gas, but for me I would get sick of stopping all the time to fill up, especially if I was doing 20K miles a year.

20th Apr 2006, 10:07

I am just about to collect a 2001 3200 GT having considered and rejected both porker 911 and Jag XK8. Both are no doubt practical, but 911's are everywhere, the Jag is too old (and auto) and both have less room in the back. Besides life's too short for dull cars. My understanding is that reliability got progressively better, but who cares if it breaks down, get the RAC out, no one is going to be laughing at your Maser.

PS Sympathise with the guy who ended up in a tree as an early recall was needed to rectify such a problem. That said, everyone still thinks you wanged it into a tree aided only by your right foot!

28th May 2006, 05:31

As a 911 owner just doing some research on possibily buying these, have also see other comments / crashes due to the steering recall. Quite alarming they could release a car onto the public with this, perhaps the most serious of problems.

Anyway, hasn't put me off and love the looks of the 3200GT, if not the later 4200. Blame the US for the rear lights apparently.

19th Jun 2006, 05:26

Having read all the comments from this site and others nothing can stop me now.

I have just bought a 3200 (2001) model and I cannot wait to get back to the UK to drive it!

18th Jul 2006, 06:12

I love this car very much and I would like to have one in my garage. But, I am a little hesitant of hearing so many bad comments. Should I get one or not? I know there will be a lot of trouble behind.

21st Sep 2006, 12:50

I have done 80k miles in my 3200GT with only two minor problems; a steering hydralic leak early on (fixed under warranty) and an intermittent short in the wiring.

Only two cautions: oil consumption (expensive 10:60 stuff) is very high and servicing is extremely expensive; greater than a V12 Aston Martin according to some reports.

I have kept meticulous records since new and average £1/mile (or €1/km) in running costs. This is ashame when it's a car that you just want to drive and drive for the shear pleasure!

26th Sep 2006, 23:33

I drive a 3200 GT since May this year, did 4000 miles during the summer, I have also a 911 3.2L since 1998.

The 2 cars cannot be compare, 2 complete different concept, I did a return trip Amsterdam /Zurich with the Maserati and arrived fresh and fine, cruising at 100 / 120 miles an hour on German Highway, would not be possible with the 911 3.2l.

My only "surprise" with the Maserati so far... the lid of the oil tank left its place while I was pushing a bit hard on the engine, it resulted with having oil all other the engine, no collateral damage except a oil smell for a couple of weeks in the car. We change the lid and no probs since.

Great car, great sensation, unreasonable consumption... with far above expectation pleasure.

30th Nov 2006, 16:07

I have recently purchased a 3200GT (auto) and despite a painful recent service bill and getting no more than 250-300 miles from a full tank, it puts a smile on my face every time I sit in. There are few cars out there that match it for style, presence or sheer class.Having owned various other classics and sports cars in recent years, nothing turns heads like the 3200.Yes it might be as expensive as keeping a mistress, but its way more fun - if you want the perfect car buy something Japanese, if you believe your only here once buy a 3200.

4th Feb 2007, 12:25

I have a Quatroporte Evo V8 which has the same engine as the 3200. Oil consumption is an more than you'd expect with a BMW, but it is an Italian car and Italian engineering is designed around a bit of oil consumption. The trick is to get a couple of cans of Selenia Racing (at a reasonable non-dealer price) in the garage and check things regularly. Just topped the beast up today after two months and a fair few dry weather blasts!