30th Dec 2009, 18:29

On balance, I'm still going to dip my toes in the water and try a 2001 - 2002 3200, looks alone have made my mind up. I could have had a friends 911 C4s on an 03 - but every one has them. I hope it won't back fire and cost me loads... Any recommendations on sensible mods??

5th Jan 2010, 05:51

I am picking up a dark blue 3200 GT tomorrow, after looking for one for a while now. This is one of those cars that you don't listen to others and make up your own mind - and I promise that after driving one you'll probably tend to want to buy one, but won't recommend it to a family member. Italian's and their cars are like that!

15th Jan 2010, 12:20

Well I can't be put off. Just decided to send the cheque for mine to the Ferarri main agent who have this dark blue mint motor. I saw fell in love and will put up with some troubles. But I need to be reassured that driving it into a tree ain't going to be one of them, How can I be sure the recall update has been done?? Will this be in the service history? The car has only 20600 miles from new, all service documents with the main agent, where do I look?


28th Apr 2010, 23:24

Hi, I am looking at buying a Maserati 3200GT after my Porsche 996 had a catastrophic engine failure. Now I'm a bit concerned that the 3200GT might be problematic also, although I am pleased to say that no one has said that their Maserati engine has completely failed...

To the guy who said he might buy a 911. Get a 964, 993 or 997 - not a 996.

I think I might buy a 3200GT as at least I'm only going to be up for a few thousand dollars of repairs (unlike the $42,000 for the 996 engine!)

...wish me luck...

10th Jun 2010, 00:17

Well, I did it. I bought a 2000 3200GT and I really do love it more than my 911. There is 1 problem: The cabin smells of fuel occasionally. It seems stronger in the boot. I've replaced the fuel cap as recommended by the Ferrari dealer, but I can still smell it. Someone mentioned that they know what the problem is. Can you please post the solution here as I'm not sure how to PM you. Thanks, Paul :)

18th Jun 2010, 15:42

Hi, I'm 22 years old, and I live in Greece. I have an EOS (VW), which is no fun, but it's a cabrio and very good when driving slow and relaxing in the leather seats... I'm thinking to sell it for 15.000 euro to buy a 3200 GT for 22.000 that I have found!! But I fear that as I earn 1.500 euro per month, if the car starts having engine or electrical problems, I will lose my job, because I can't afford the money of fixing it and the time in the garage... What's your opinion really, I don't want a boring car, but I also don't want a problematic car!!

Thank you for your help,


30th Sep 2010, 07:29

Dear George.

Personally I think you should invest your money in something else because of two reasons.

Maserati is a very high maintenance car and spare parts don’t come cheap. When unlucky, it will cost you thousands of euros. Even if you do not run into major problems, its operational cost is incomparable with a normal car. Just calculate how much you would be spending on petrol and compare that with your VW expenses.

Furthermore I don’t think the car fits your age profile. Don’t get me wrong, Maseratis are fantastic cars that can give people of any age a huge thrill, but they have always been associated with more mature drivers.

Taking these two aspects into account, I would recommend you to look at something else maybe a Honda S2000. I know it does not sound very exotic, but it’s an excellent car. It has superb handling characteristics, has a powerful v-tech engine, it's a convertible, and a lot cheaper to run. It has all the characteristics you are looking for (maybe apart from the brand name).

I hope this was helpful.

Best, Peter.

6th Sep 2012, 16:05

Fuel Vapour in 3200 problem.

Replying to a thread on here, I have the same problem. All hoses have been replaced in the boot, and also clips, but it still has a fuel odour in the cabin. Next step is to buy a new filler cap. After that, it's the tank out and a full inspection. Any 3200 owners out there who have solved this problem, please let me know how you corrected it.




18th Jan 2013, 01:09

You should check your boot seal for ANY splits or tears. If there are any, fuel and exhaust smells will intrude into the cabin. Also check the rear tail lights for any cracks or breaks; again, if these are there, then smells will come into the car.

25th Apr 2013, 10:27

This site has emerged in a long trawl of research of this model. I've seen a 3200 GTA for Fiesta money (just shy of 10k and with good provenance) and I'm dithering. I've loved these cars since they were launched - sleek, svelte and understated. I know the idiosyncrasies of running Italian GTs and sports models (4 Lancias and 4 Alfas) - the electrical malfunctions and driving home in "safe mode". I'm retired now (but not old) and think this is the chance to seize the day and have a real Gran Turismo that I can both afford and enjoy. Am I deceiving myself, or should I take the plunge into a potential money pit?

28th Apr 2013, 07:17

Like you, I'm thinking of taking the plunge and buying a 3200 GTA. I like big cars and have had Jags, Range Rovers, and currently have a 3.0L Peugeot 407 SW V6 auto, so I'm used to fuel costs. Have spoken with neighbour/friend who is a mechanic, and he says services and parts CAN be expensive, but there are bargains out there. So go for it; just don't buy the one I'm looking at!

9th Jun 2014, 16:18

I have owned a 2001 3200GT Automatic for almost a year, put about 4000km on it.

The car is not really as problematic as people think.

Maintenance I have done this year:

1. Passenger side cooling fan needed replacing.

2. All dust covers of the control arms needed replacing.

3. Replaced 2 fronts steering arms; the driver's side one made a funny noise.

4. Replaced 2 air filters.

5. Air conditioning condenser broken, replaced.

6. All coolant hoses replaced, preventive.

7. Starter motor failed, needed replacing.

Maintenance definitely costs more than other mass produced cars. To save the cost, you need to do a lot of research, learn where to source the parts, source alternative parts from Alfa.

The engine is powerful, has plenty of torque, exhaust note is beautiful even with the stock pipe. Interior is one of the best I have seen (I like leather).

Handling isn't perfect. It doesn't give me much confidence in cornering. A proper 4 wheel alignment should sort out most of the handling problems. Body roll is minimal. The chassis is very rigid. Minimal level of road noise. Steering is not really that light, yet communicative. Rear seats can hold 2 full size adults with no problem; good for long distance travel.

Overall, I love it. However, I want to get another car with better handling, maybe a 911?

7th Jan 2016, 15:31

I own a 3200 GT from new (1999). Done some 42.000 km with it, and except the very early drive by wire difficulties, never had any serious issues.

Just now I think there is something wrong with the direction indicator intermittent (relay), which original from Maserati is rather expensive for what it is.

By the way, I participated three times in the Maserati organized 2 day driving courses on circuit in Italy; the first time with the 3200 GT, afterwards with the 4200, and also the Trofeo racing. Unbelievable experience, super organized with really talented instructors, recommend it to all, tells you a lot about the car's capabilities, really impressive.

So all in all, I am a satisfied 3200 GT driver.

30th Jan 2018, 15:15

I'd like to know where you took your 'Maserati driving lessons' in Italy & how to apply, please.

30th Jan 2018, 19:26

Re indicators. I had this on my car (MB), but checked the fuse. Take it out and clean both ends and replace. Cured my intermittent indicator problems.