1989 Maserati Biturbo 430 2.8 from UK and Ireland


Feels like the £35,000 car it was when new


Oil leak from the rear crank seal.

Various electrical idiosyncrasies.

Not well rust proofed.

General Comments:

A very individual car to own & drive.

Very quick, very comfortable.

Wonderful sound!

Parts can be reasonably sourced via the web or using suitable alternatives.

Pulls car-nuts out of the crowd!

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Review Date: 15th July, 2005

6th Dec 2008, 19:51

I noticed that your previous car was an Alfa Romeo 164. I am deciding between a 1995 Alfa Romeo 164 and a 1990 Maserati 228. Would you put the Maserati above the Alfa? I'm equally happy with the styling of both. I'm curious about the performance and reliability issues between the two. If you happen to read this, shoot me an email.



1990 Maserati Biturbo 430 2.8 Twin turbo Fuel Inj. from UK and Ireland


Earth shattering performance with practicality


Near side door seal leaking.

Slightly erratic idle.

Leaking exhaust manifold when cold.

Small oil leak.

Suspect Air Conditioning.

General Comments:

In fairness I have purchased the car knowing about the faults listed. The specialist dealer who sold the car to me is supplying parts and dealing with these niggles as I write this report.

I have been searching for a good example of this model for a long time. They are not easy to find.

The car is a joy to drive. Apart from exhaust noise the chassis is surprisingly refined and quiet. Only very course and rough road surfaces upset an otherwise supple ride. There is considerable skill involved in mastering the technique of feeding power as the revs increase without upsetting the grip and balance of the car as you press on through the corners. Performance of this larger engined, non catalyst model is shattering. The 4 speed ZF automatic box is very responsive, smooth and long legged. I believe it allows the driver to extract far more performance from the car because the turbo's just keep spinning without the need to lift your right foot for gear changes. I consider the general build quality of the car to be excellent. The body received specialist rust proofing treatment when new and this has certainly paid enormous dividends. Interior is sumptuous. Specification includes electric windows and roof. Electric front seats. Electrically adjustable rear view mirrors and headlamps. As a family car it has so far proved very practical. Four adults can travel in complete comfort. Boot space is adequate. How many Italian thoroughbreds can boast this kind of performance and accommodation. The relatively bland exterior makes the whole driving experience a huge amount of fun for me. No one expects it to move with the kind of pace so easily achieved. For ultimate fun, buy one today.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2002

14th Nov 2002, 11:00

These cars are supposed to have a growling exhaust partly because its what is called an "Oddfire" engine, this allows the crankshaft to take extra power, standard trim is between 250-280Bhp, but can easily go to 450Bhp, but watch the Turbo's don't blow! Also the parts are very high because it is a Maserati produced Race engine ie: £174 for the Plastic Distributor cap alone, because it's an odd fire design no one else makes them. Also if you have the Later 4 valve version you have to change the cam belt & Chain at rear of engine every 30,000mile's which is an engine out job plus the shims HAVE to be adjusted then price..£3000!But yes it is a nice car and people wonder what it is,i had to buy a fan belt for mine I the young Assistant asked me was the Maserati made by Toyota or Nissan!!!

23rd Jan 2011, 17:30

No body takes the engine off to replace camshaft chains at the back of the motor. Candini in Modena can do it for much less, and without taking the motor off as well as the main distribution chain!

The distribution chain (rubber one in front of engine) can be replaced every 50000 kms or 3-4 years, and the camshaft chains only if they are getting loose or noisy.

The engines of those cars are bullet proof, especially in the 4v version, but use synthetic oil and replace it every 8-9000 kms.