2004 Maybach 62 5.5 V12 Twin Turbo from North America


A behemoth luxury sedan, engineered perfectly and designed for the luckiest people in the world


I should get something across before I continue, I am not the owner of this vehicle (though I deeply wish I was.) I am a chauffeur working in Los Angeles, and the company I work for recently purchased a Maybach 62, which I have had the pleasure to drive several times.

Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with this car yet, and I do not expect any problems within the next five years. Furthermore, I expect this vehicle to still drive as fantastically as it does today twenty years from now.

General Comments:

I thought at first that the Maybach sedans are merely larger S-Classes with more luxury. The thought was quickly dissolved when I had the chance to drive the vehicle from LA to San Bernardino and back. The way this vehicle drives surpasses the S500 in every department, the shifter reads my mind, and the power is extraordinary. You can really push the Maybach on the freeway, but it keeps itself under control. For a vehicle with a mass as extreme, I am dumbfounded by how nimble and precise the handling is.

Before picking up the gentleman I was driving, my colleagues and I had the chance to sit in the back. The sheer luxury is incomparable to any production vehicle on the market today, it makes our S500s seem like Economy cars. The passengers are pampered with a ballroom floor, two large screen entertainment systems, perfectly positioned and unobtrusive headrests among many other opulent features. There is no argument, This is the most luxurious vehicle we have ever had the chance of using.

One problem, if one can call it that, is that the Maybach 62 is very long. Since this is my job, I am used to limousine type vehicles, but it is much different from driving an S-class. I had to be very careful around parking lots, since for about two years now I have only driven S-classes with the exception of a few stretched vehicles. A private owner may find the task of maneuvering the car around heavy traffic, or smaller streets difficult at first.

The price of the car means exclusivity, and wherever I drove this car I was stared at. Young people, older people and generally everyone within a 25 foot radius of the car immediately stops whatever they happen to be doing to take a look. This is something you don't get when driving an S-Class around LA, but I heard from other drivers that on occasion some passengers they drove felt that the constant attention from passers-by was more obtrusive than enjoyable, especially after stressful meetings and such.

Either way, driving this vehicle is a pleasure that cannot be matched by any other automobile on the market today. I found the ride quality to be excellent, the luxury superb, and the magnificent look to be true perfection. I recommend this car to anyone who wants to own what is, in my opinion, the worlds best luxury sedan.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2005

2nd Mar 2005, 15:11

I give him credit for his honesty. He admits he isn't the owner, whereas many would lie and say they are. At least this review has a sense of believability.

7th Apr 2005, 01:41

The review does seem to have some credibility. But what does it tell you that you can't already guess just by looking at a picture of the car.

The reviewer is basically saying: the car is too long, the car is hard to park, everyone stares at you.

Now if you were a busy chauffer, would you really log onto this web site, just to state the obvious?

Sorry, all these Maybach reviews are unlikely to be genuine. But nice try anyway.