1994 Mazda 121 GLX 1.3 from Hong Kong


A good car for first driver and small family, but too small for a big family


Clutch was nearly gone when I got the car.

Replaced the cam-belt in the first time when in the garage.

Fuel pump was gone after 2 weeks that I owned the car. Have to be towed to my garage. And still have problem when the tank is less than half full, at low speed the car is very jerky at times, it just like the fuel line is going to clog. I find no solution even when I sold my car to a chop shop.

9 months after, the gears inside the drive-shaft went out of place that my car has to be towed in again.

General Comments:

Overall the car is quite good for the price that I get the car, I spend 1k, that's under 100 pounds. My friend had the car parked for almost 2 years before I bought the car. I am still amaze that I can start the car when I first try the car and the coolant tank do not need any replacement.

A small car outside, but for the size, it is very big. Compare to the latest Mazda 2, I found out that my car is actually bigger in the cabin, although all the seat in the car is not very comfortable.

Material used in the cabin is average, but what do you expect for a car that rely on low price, some nice touch is that the support of the trunk is gas struts, not goose neck time support.

The brake is weak. However, given the condition of my car, I think it's the time that left outside my friend's house is to blame.

Engine performance is average. And after 80km/h, the car accelerate very slowly. My last car is a Corolla and also has a 1300cc engine, but the performance is much better after 80km/h.

Unstable and high idle speed. Don't know why even after it went though an inspection of the garage. The next day the the idle speed became unstable again.

Given the condition of my car, it still started every time. I only have to tow the car for 2 times, one is the car, and the another is my fault, should not try a burnout of this car... I will say my car is very reliable.

If you a single or couple or have a small family with 1 or 2 little kids, this car is fine. But if your family is all grown ups, then you better buy a 323 because it is much more rounded.

I don't want to sell my car to a chop shop, but the fuel line problem and the brake and potential big repair bills... I have to chop my car. It's a good car.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2008

1994 Mazda 121 DB1031 1.3i from Australia and New Zealand


Needs a proper 3 point tune up to bring out the economy


Economy is bad, 340km per 35L tank, in my opinion anyway. 9.71 L / 100 km city driving.

I heard from a ex-Mazda mechanic that the Mazda 121 requires to be tuned at 3 different points for a proper tune.

I believe that a tell tale sign is when the car idles at 1500 RPM, and can vary for no apparent reasons.

Previously it was serviced by an 'old-school' mechanic, and no improvement was noticed. Apparently this is a common problem, as most mechanics are not aware of this 3 point tuning - which I am not sure what it actually means or entails.

This car was bought second hand, and looks like it has had quite a bit of 'backyard' work done to it - so was not in the best of condition when we first got it.

Will be getting this ex-Mazda mechanic to do the tuning, and will ask him further what it means; post results of this tuning.

I believe that the Mazda 121 93 model (MAZ DB1031) could be more economical as per Redbook website, of 8L/100km.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2007

17th Sep 2007, 04:56

I have a 1993 626 2.2L wagon that I'm trading in on Wednesday the 19th Sep, that's doing the same thing, spontaneously idling at 1500 from 850 for no reason. While doing this it also misses badly under acceleration and belches black smoke like an old diesel.

I've just paid Mazda $400 to fix it and they couldn't after 1 week. They thought it was the Idle Speed Control Solenoid, which they tried to fix, didn't work.

Replaced the entire throttle assembly with 2nd hand one, still didn't work and they said they'd also tuned it up.

It has 260,000km and I don't want to spend another dollar on it, which is why I'm turfing it for $800 on a brand new Ford Focus TDCi.

Has been a great car over the last 4.5 years, but I just want to be rid of it now. Although it won't matter to me personally, I'd be curious to find out if it would need this 3 point tune you're talking about.