1995 Mazda 121 from Australia and New Zealand


Amazing, reliable first car. An absolute joy to own


Had to put new pipes on the air-conditioning and re-gas it, due to the car dealer not putting the correct size on. Only cost $200.

Replaced the carburetor with a used one from a wreckers. This faulty one caused this automatic car to stall when in idle. Took many mechanics to figure out the fault, and it was very easily fixed. Only cost $100, as we had a friend install it.

New tyres and wheel alignments. $400.

New belts (the one connecting from radiator) needed to be replaced as it made the car scream when the engine was cold. Replaced it with an old belt, which then snapped and damaged another belt (oops). $50.

New stereo/CD player and new speakers. I got a top of the line stereo to connect to my iPod ($500), and replaced the speakers for $50 each (including installation) as they no longer worked when I bought the car.

Grey foam kept coming out of air conditioning. Always disintegrated when I touched it. Some of the filter maybe? Never got it replaced or asked about it.

General Comments:

This car has been an amazing first car. My dad owned a 1992 Mazda 121 that had been retired, so we used it for parts.

I was in a couple of accidents (not my fault), which meant I needed to get the back end repaired. This caused the seals to leak in the boot.

It is very reliable, always started. Very rarely was I left on the side of the road. When I was, it was because I wasn't looking after the battery, etc. I never serviced it except for a couple of oil changes. It still ran amazingly.

It had quite a bit of pick up. I was always amazed when I zoomed off from the lights faster than newer cars.

Interior and exterior fared very well. No problems with paint or peeling inside. I did regularly wash it though and put protection on the vinyl inside. My car was white however, and I have seen darker colours don't fare very well in this heat. The top coat seems to be more heavy duty than the under colour, which causes most of these cars to have a grey spots on bonnet and roof.

I was usually the only person in the car, so I didn't have any problems with room. However, my two sisters and my parents used to get into my dad's Mazda 121 for 12 years and take 16 hour road trips with no dramas. It has pretty good room for such a small car.

I would still be driving this car if my car wasn't written off a couple of weeks ago after an accident. I have found this model doesn't really handle car accidents well, but I came out of the crash completely fine when I could have died, so it did protect me :) I think it had many years left if this accident hadn't occurred, as I hadn't had any problems.

It was very cost efficient. Only cost $40 to fill up the tank. However, the tank only lasted around 300km when it was supposed to last 400. I think it was due to not having a service (needed new spark plugs and air filter) and I push the accelerator down quite a bit LOL.

The steering was amazing. Parking is super easy. I found driving this car very enjoyable and easy. I am currently driving brand new Hondas, and find them a lot harder to park than my Mazda LOL.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2013

1995 Mazda 121 1.3 16v from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, safe smaller car


This car was only purchased a few weeks ago, and I have only needed to replace one brake pad and have a new clip installed on the battery (to hold it in place more tightly). A$100 later my mechanic has given it the all clear.

General Comments:

This is a very reliable car and has never let me down. Although it has no power steering, making reverse parking demanding at times, it drives like a dream on the road.

The 1.3L 16V engine performs well, although if given the choice I would go for the 1.5L, especially if you are intending to travel long distances.

The car is very basic, with no added extras such as central locking, air conditioning or even colour coded bumpers, but this simply means there is less that can (potentially) go wrong =).

The interior is comfortable and everything seems to fit in well. Once again, there isn't anything fancy in the dash (or even a cup holder), but if your main concern is getting from A to B; then the Mazda 121 is the car for you. Fuel economy is also above average, with A$20.00 of petrol lasting me for exactly one week.

This is my first car and cost under A$3000 with registration and a years warranty. In this price range, it is by far the best car on the market, and would be recommended for both new and older drivers.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2007

1995 Mazda 121 1.3 litre F/INJ from Australia and New Zealand


Love at first sight


I've only had this car for a few weeks. The only bad thing about it so far is when I put it in for a major service (just to check everything out), I was very much ripped off and overall they did a bad job so that I would come within a weeks time to get it re-fixed. (this was due me being a female who doesn't know much about cars yet.)

General Comments:

When I went to view the car, it was love at first site, even before I got in and took it for a test drive.

It doesn't have power steering, but it drives like it does. It's a really fun drive with lots of power and it's only a 1.3 litre Single Fuel/injected. To fill up if I do it Monday - Wednesday, I can easily do it for for under $30.

This is my first car, is really cheap to run, and would suit anyone who doesn't need the size of a family car.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2006

1995 Mazda 121 1.3 single point fuel injectio from Australia and New Zealand


Great little car with lots of character


Clutch plate replaced.

General Comments:

Ride is a bit harsh, you know about it when you hit a bump.

Drivers side pillar obstructs drivers view slightly.

Very economical to run.

Air con really drains the little engine.

Bubble shape looks great.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2002