2006 Mazda 3 1.6 petrol from United Arab Emirates


Good choice, but better with a larger engine


At around 50K, I had problems with cold starts. I would turn on the car, it would shake violently and then turn off. I turned it back on and it would work without a hitch. The dealer was not able to find the source of the problem, though the problem started to dissipate after they cleaned the fuel injection.

General Comments:

Great car to drive, though I wouldn't recommend the 1.6L engine.

Overall, the car is quite sturdy and handles well.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2008

2006 Mazda 3 SP23 2.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Good to handle, but noisy and rough riding


No defects found.

General Comments:

Car handles very well.

On rough chip seal roads, the interior is so noisy that it is difficult for driver and front seat passenger to converse.

On any surface other than smooth seal, the ride, especially in the back seats, is both rough and noisy.

Cruise control is jerky and severe on undulating ground. It overruns the set speed by 8-10 kph before settling back.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2008

17th Aug 2008, 03:58

Compared with your Camry the suspension setup is for nimble handling rather than the Camry's Touring style "float" type suspension setup hence the difference. It's all down to preference really, plus the low profiles on the Mazda don't lend themselves to noise reduction or a bump free ride.

If you're after something with a higher lateral G rating, faster slalom speeds and faster turn in and cornering stability the Mazda 3 is more for you.

If you're after a softer floating type ride which soaks up bumps and lends itself to quieter touring the Camry would be the better choice.

2006 Mazda 3 from North America


Car OK, but the warranty SUCKS


25th Jan 2008, 12:47

I have replaced first engine after 5,000 miles, and now at 15,000 another one bites the dirt. Mazda replaced the first one and now they are saying there was no oil in the motor, well I checked it before I had it towed and there was oil in the car.

I also checked it before the tow truck arrived.

The transmission went out at 9,009 miles.. I have complained to Mazda and the car is still at the dealership. I would like to find someone else to complain to and maybe get it fixed.

I have made several calls to Customer Service Division and all they would say is the dealer ship said it came in with little or no oil; that is after several other excuses, Now they are saying, I do not have the proper records, well I proved them with all the oil changes and maintenance on the car. But they say since it was not done at the dealership, that these records are no good and I need to go back to the person that changed the oil and have them fix the engine.

Or does anyone know of a law firm that is in some type of law suit to help us get this fixed? Please HELP.


General Comments:

I don't think I would recommend buying from MAZDA to anyone. For the ones that have one, wait until you really have a problem and need it fixed.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2008

11th Mar 2008, 08:50

Here is the response that I received from Mike Ray

Director, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Mazda North American Operations

Now remember I have furnished them with copies of the paper work for the oil change.

We are denying your warranty claim due to lack of maintenance. The receipts you provided for oil changes do not have any identifying marks (VIN) to tie them to your Mazda3.

I have never had this type of request before, but I have never owned a MAZDA, by the way the type of car and year and my name. Hope this might help someone else.

21st Aug 2008, 18:11

My suggestion, take all your records, from all the work you have had done, make sure the establishments that performed the work are certified and find who they are certified through, and if everything is in order... get a lawyer and file suit against Mazda. That is BS what they are telling you.

18th Sep 2008, 14:19

That is extortion. What they are saying is that unless you get your oil changed at a Mazda dealer, there will be no record and they can deny your warranty claim. Ridiculous. My dealership charged $43 and took at least 2 hours to do an oil change. I've been changing my own oil ever since.

17th Feb 2013, 09:39

I have gone through almost every review and comment about the Mazda 3, and out of well over 300 reviews and customer comments, I have ran into only 2 mildly bad remarks. I have also checked reviews on mid size sedans around the same price range. Well I must say there are not very many cars that compare to the Mazda 3 or other Mazda models. We have had our Mazda 3 since new, and have had only to put new struts on the front and just your regular maintenance. I.E. regularly had oil changes. The car still feels new. Runs like top. We have done 124000 km and can get about 7500-8500 dollars for it.

P.S. We are now looking to buy a AWL, or 4 wheel drive Mazda SUV.


chambers41@hotmail.com. Awesome.