2015 Mazda 3 LX 2.0L from North America


Great value and a great car to drive


No issues to report.

Had some minor recalls for the car. The spare tire might be under inflated and the coolant mixture might be incorrect, and I just brought it back to Mazda and they looked at it free of charge. It's a great thing to have the unlimited mileage warranty and the 6 year extended warranty for any other issues, as I plan to keep this car for a while.

General Comments:

Tested drove many cars before deciding to purchase my Mazda 3 LX automatic 4 door. I choose it for the many great features and the nice and sleek look on the outside and the accessories inside. I especially love the front grille. Real sporty and aggressive looking.

I really like the touchscreen display with the controller in the center console. The interior finishing from the dashboard to the seats make it feel more expensive and not cheap. Everything is placed well and conveniently, and it's easy to navigate thru the controls. Seating are firm but very comfortable. Space wise it's good and it fits people comfortably I find.

My only issue is I wish it worked better with my iPhone. You can't voice text a person is my only complaint. Phone calls and connections work well.

The acceleration is good and it has a good power when you want. Plus I like the fuel saving with this car. Getting around 7.3 l/100km. I do a lot of city traffic and highway traffic, so this is great. The engine is a bit noisy, but the automatic transmission shifts gears smoothly with no hesitation between gears.

I would recommend this car to anyone looking to purchase.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th May, 2016