3rd Mar 2006, 18:16

Please don't post that this car is vastly underpriced as I really want one!

Seriously, this will probably be my next car. One ten minute test drive and I was smitten. I was going to get one in 2004 but the lease rates were ridiculous at the time. Now that my lease is coming up on my Subaru either the 3s or the new 3 Mazdaspeed will be my car.

Just wish the interior quality was more up to the standards of Honda (especially the new Civic) or Toyota.

6th Mar 2006, 15:29

I wouldn't buy a Honda or Toyota over the Mazda based on the interiors. Outside of the seat material, the rest of the interior is fine. I put sheepskins on the front seats and an attractive flannel blanket on the back, so no problem. Since I keep my car (s) for decades (I'm the Jetta driver), and since Hondas & Toyotas last forever, I'd be doomed to a reliable yet boring ride until I started collecting Social Security with one of the other two brands. No thanks. The Mazda is ten times the ride in this price range, AND is rated just as reliable.

As for the price, I think the 3 only went up around 3% from 2005 into 2006, so you're still in luck. Funny, I don't see a lot of them on the road yet, at least not around here (Alameda County, California). They must still be a hidden little secret. If I had more garage space, heck, I'd buy a spare at this price.

9th Mar 2006, 07:50

I am really hoping to get a Mazda 3 for myself, but since the time I have heard that Mazda 3 is now under the Ford wing, I am worried whether it will be a good investment. I read somewhere that the only involvement of Ford in the manufacturing of Mazda 3 is the suspension. please correct me if I am wrong.

9th Mar 2006, 14:22

My understanding is that the 3's chassis is that of the Volvo S40, and that Ford only has a partial ownership stake in Mazda. Also, the Mazda 3 is made in Japan (mine was assembled in Hiroshima). I have heard from one of the Mazda mechanics that the Mazda 6 is made in Mexico, and has been problematic. He also said that sales of the 6 are dropping, while the 3's are starting to fly out the door.

Also, check out the April issue of Consumer Reports. I just finagled one yesterday, and saw that it rated the 3's quite highly. My 2005 model had mostly full red dots in the 'used' ratings section, with only a few half-red circles - an incredible score. I also checked the Kelly blue book on the 2005, and found that the used price for my one-year-old car is higher than the price I paid for it new, including tax, license, and a $1300 10-year warranty. Ha, I've never had a car appreciate before!

21st Mar 2006, 09:18

Hi guys!

Owned a red Mazda3 1.6 luxury AT with manual override for 1 yr already, mileage 17000K went to Malaysian Hway twice at max speed 170km -stable still!

Most impressive is the composed ride and good steering feel.

Brakes are great, acceleration is good enough when left to its own automatic device, but if you use the manual override, it will be exhilarated 10 times I assure you!!

Overtaking is impressive and excellent with manual override though fuel consumption may be slightly increased if you continously entertain urself with the zoom zoom experience.

Average FC would be 580km for full tank of 55 L for me, but maybe because I drive quite enthusiastically! Can improve FC if driven averagely though.

21st Mar 2006, 09:25

Mazda3 1.6 AT - the best car I've driven c. f civic and corolla

Why? because of its manual override!! Love It!

Just imagine 0-60km/hr using just 1st gear override in just 2 seconds!! with a great powerful roar! but before trying such feats you have to be very familiar with using the manual override system. But once mastered, you, ll be the one of the fastest moving car from the red light. A tru zoom zoom experience!!

24th Mar 2006, 10:17

I am considering buying the new 2006 Mazda 3. It will be my first car. I love how it look and some of the features offered. However I don't need the hassle of un-reliability. Is this a good car to consider purchasing?

24th Mar 2006, 14:46

Owners here and Consumer Reports say it's one of thte most reliable cars out there, not to mention the most reliable Mazda (except for maybe the Miata)

25th Mar 2006, 20:36

Hey all!!! I'm getting ready to buy a 2006 Mazda 3s Grand Touring next week. I am absolutely head over heels for it. It will be my first car with no miles and no problems. Dude with the 86 Jetta, I feel your pain. I had a 86 civic hatch and it was problem after problem for 2 years. Don't know if I spent 4500 dollars, but if I didn't, it was definitely close. Anyway, I too have heard great things about the 3. I too am getting a 5-speed, not too smart for someone who lives in Philadelphia, but hey, half my business is in Jersey anyway. Some of the things I like about the 3 is the style of course, the pick up which is great for the class and the huge glove box. CR said it can fit a standard sized laptop computer in it and shut!!! find me another small car that does that... I am very excited about buying this car. Actually I am leasing it for like 280 a month. but hopefully if I check back on this site, you guys can inform me on other benefits of owning a Mazda 3.

Take care!!! and drive safe!!

P.s. I too am a little shaky about the fact that Mazda is connected to ford, just the thought makes me cringe. But I agree with the person who said that ford finally gets to be a part of something that actually shines other than the revised ford gt40.

3rd Apr 2006, 15:15

I think the bigger question is which gets replaced more often. I'd take the Mazda over any Chrysler crap any day.

As for you seeing more Mazdas, I don't think it's a coincidence. Initially Mazda dealers weren't really discounting this car thinking they had a "hit" on their hands. But, like the Mazda6, it ended up not being as hot as they thought (sales-wise) so started discounting.

The same thing will happen with the soon-to-be-released MazdaSpeed 3. Dealers will ask the moon, no one will pay it, and then prices will come down to a realistic level.

7th Apr 2006, 21:29

I have a 98 Hyundai Elantra right now, but we might need a new car within a few months. I've been drooling over the Mazda 3 for a long time. I've heard nothing, but amazing things about this car. It seems to have everything right, offering great coupe-like looks, interior design, comfort, performance, even a auto/manual tranny combo so you can have it both ways all for an extremely cheap price! WIthout a doubt my next car WILL be a Mazda 3. Don't know about other places, but these cars are EVERYWHERE in Canada especially in Montreal and Toronto area. When we went on vacation there it seemed like a Mazda 3 passed us every few minutes!