1978 Mazda 323 Rear whell drive Wagon 1.4L from Australia and New Zealand


Perfect first car, cheap and reliable


The accelerator cable snapped.

The clutch cable snapped.

Radiator gave me a bit of grief, but easy fixed.

General Comments:

Perfect first car. Low on petrol costs, easy to drive.

It's a great looking car, with the small, yet noticeable, rear spoiler :-)

The steering is the best that I've ever driven even though its not power assisted.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 7th September, 2003

12th Sep 2003, 06:30

Bought an auto trans wagon new in 1979. Fitted "add on" airconditioning a month later. Apart from oil loss through poor valve guide seals and a few timing chains (a home job) the Mazda became a truck in the end. Never stopped, just soldiered on a year after I was going to sell it. So, I kept it and it just continued to work. I doubt if some "modern" small wagons would stand the hard work.

In all, worth every cent.

4th Feb 2005, 08:28

I am not sure, but I have a face-lift model of 323 Wagon. Indonesian made, named as Mazda Van-trend. I bought it in 1999 and still running without no significant problem.

It's a 1.4 L, rear drive engine and very robust. Low operating and maintenance cost, and it share almost all parts with other Japans car. I replaced the oil filter with Mitsubishi Lancer one, ball bearings with Toyota corolla, brake pads with Ford Laser and almost all parts I need is common, if you know compatible parts.

It's been 6 years, and my only complain is that the model is badly out of date and now it's getting older and older.