1995 Mazda 323 LX 1.5 from Norway


Rattling noise from interior.

Apart from that, nothing.

General Comments:

This car never brakes down.

The ride is very uncomfortable. The seats are OK, but the noise level is way too high. Very much noise from tires.

Handling is great!

The car is very slow with the 1,5l. With full car the engine is very weak.

Acceleration is okay when engine is could, but when it's warm it feels very slow, and it's boring to drive.

Rattling sounds from interior has become very annoying.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2004

21st Nov 2007, 18:56

Back again, one more thing.

Read road test reviews on this vehicle, car handles & drives superb, a very comfortable ride.

The seats cuddle you & are very comfortable that give heaps of support even for long drives. Suspensions are good & car drives smooth.

All electrics work so well, no probs at all & at a low price.

Till today heaps of expensive cars don't have full electrics, so you tell me what fun is??? car with no electrics?? or Mazda 323 with this as standard on 323s & affordable? not to mention very reliable & with great style/performance

1995 Mazda 323 Sedan 1.6 carb. from Australia and New Zealand


Economical and not a clone..


Replaced Timing Belt (Standard 100 000KM replacement)

Machined Disc's, Replaced Pads (Brakes shuddered when I bought the car)

Replaced front springs (idiot I bought off put extra short springs in, with standard length shocks.. springs had never done a days work, nor had the shocks, rubber bump stops were shot to bits though)

Replaced Left hand CV shaft, and hub assembly. (CV was rusted onto the hub, heat was applied to crack the joint and the heat stuffed up the hub assembly, not a happy day)

Replaced aftermarket stereo (didn't like the heat of an Australian Summer)

General Comments:

1.6 carby engine is fairly gutless unless you give it some punch from the start, don't try hard acceleration after a slow start... flooring the pedal does Nothing!!

The engine is fine getting around town and cruising at highway sped, but if you get into trouble, it's hard work getting out, dropping gears and gaining revs before any decent acceleration.

1.8 injected model would be much nicer.

Fuel economy is great, as good as my '78 Civic 1.3.

Body is the best, I have a few dents, thanks to "lovely" people who don't know how to 90 degree park, and don't leave any details when they hit you.. but paintwork is solid no lifting and no bare metal (yet, touchwood)

Appearance is excellent, the model is obscure enough that lowering and adding fatter tyres make it almost unique, these are the only mods made (ie no plastic body kit), yet the front scoop looks quite racecar like.. and the angle of the body makes the car appear lower at the front than the back...

Looks fast - goes slow...

With wide tyres and harder suspension, the car IS on rails, and out-corners anything.

Power Steering gives really good feedback, but the car is still light as a feather...

Cabin is fine, nothing glitzy, and nothing to break down.

Factory Airconditioning takes the tiny amount of performance from the engine... Its my Turbo button... if I want speed, turn off the aircon and Whooosh!!! (well, OK that's exaggerating, but there is a noticeable difference)

The Aircon is also quite slow (possibly in need of re-gassing) takes a good 15 minutes to get COLD, it starts cooling after 30 seconds (I'm guessing after cooling all the ductwork first)...but after that, you're still sweating for another 15 minutes because the cooling effect is only marginally higher than the solar radiation streaming through the glass (the black dash really soaks up heat). Probably better to have tinting.

Once it's cold, you can turn it down.. unfortunately, I'm not usually in the car for much longer than 30 minutes per trip, thus don't see much benefit...

Legroom at the back, is OK for city trips, but too cramped for comfortable country driving.

My next car will have a 1.8, apart from that I'm very happy and 2 years later, my resale value is around the same as I paid. Smiles all around..

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Review Date: 8th January, 2004