1996 Mazda 323 GXi 16v 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Sporty and solid


Only that the front frameless windows have become scratched near the wingmirrors due to their design.

General Comments:

This is a real solid, and sexy (can you say this about a car?) looking model.

What is really neat and unique to the class are little details like the electric aerial, projector headlamps, lidded front door pockets and frameless windows. We also have the latest 323f which is more conservatively styled, but still sleek and different.

What annoys me about this car is that there is an A/C button, which also lights up when pressed and comes on automatically when the windscreen clear mode is set, but there is no A/C. Surely Mazda should have put a blanking switch?

It drives well, looks fabulous and is very sporty with low sports seats and a excellent real quality feel interior.

Mine is classic red with the only option being a rear spoiler with a brake light. Colour looks fab, but keep it polished to stop fading!

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Review Date: 15th May, 2005

2nd Feb 2011, 13:34

Re: air con switch - maybe you just need the air con re-gassed or serviced?

2nd Feb 2011, 18:36

Some Mazdas of this vintage had the A/C switch included on all models, regardless of whether the system was installed.

1996 Mazda 323 GLX 1.5L from UK and Ireland


I'll probably hold on to it until it dies on me


Nothing except the motorized aerial which had to be replaced at 60,000.

General Comments:

It's a 323F that I have and never owned a car like this which has been near faultless. Build quality first rate although I do not know the build quality of 323F after 1998. It's a pity that Mazda had stopped manufacturing cars which were emotive although with the mazda 6, RX8 and Mazda 3 has revived the passion.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2004

1996 Mazda 323 Executive 1.8 from UK and Ireland


A sexy car with all the power I need!!


Nothing, I really love it!

General Comments:

Well, I got the car in really good condition so I'm keeping it up.

It doesn't even compare to my old car.

I feel like I'm a proper car owner now, not just someone with a shopping trolley!!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2003

17th Sep 2007, 08:49

My girlfriend bought one on a 96 plate,wee bit smoky on start up, but she loves it. quick as my 520 beemer too.

1996 Mazda 323 GLX 1.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Seriously reliable, seriously hot


Only recently purchased the car and have no problems with it so far. the car drives like a dream.

General Comments:

The best comment I can give this car is the way it handles. It grips the road beautifully and takes no effort to steer it through tight bends.

The shape and design of the car is a real head turner. Most people think its actually worth a lot more than it is.

The interior is spacious, perhaps a little simple, but well designed. It has everything you need such as electric mirrors, windows and sunroof and twin airbags.

The engine purrs like a well refined cat. The noise is so quiet you would think the ignition wasn't on. It's a real secure and comfy drive.

On the negative side, bearing in mind the positives greatly out-weigh the negatives, the car lacks a bit of speed. Perhaps not in first gear or the latter gears, but certainly second and third.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2003

1996 Mazda 323 F GXi 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Brilliant drive, Great to look at!!


Absolutely nothing!

General Comments:

As a 50 year old I've driven quite a few cars, but after driving the Mazda GXi, I feel like someone has pressed the refresh button!

Great handling, Great to look at, (I can't stop looking out the window!)

The point I would like to make is, why did they change the design in later models?. Lets face it, they look so drab!!

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Review Date: 4th June, 2003

21st Nov 2007, 18:11

Your so right I prefer 323's that came out in 95-98, style was much better very attractive car till today & they had a higher success & demand of this series.. Everyone looks at, especially with a nice pair of rims & lowered.


Porsche did a great job designing this unusual gorgeous hatch.

I can't doubt the car one bit on performance, reliability, & style wise.

New style looks more of a box, but what I hear it's a great car.

Everyone I know always comment on how sexy my car is, thinking it costs a fortune (if they only new how affordable).

Still people are wanting to buy the beautiful 323 Astina/Lantis

All round SEXY CAR!!!

Next you know your friends are wanting to trade their cars for one, which is happening in my case with more than 4 friends doing so.