3rd Jan 2009, 06:15

I am on my 2nd ZXI. They are great. I missed my 1st one so much I had to get another, and what a treasure I found.

A silver ZXI, and only 64K on the clock.

I highly recommend this car to any experienced driver, as the insurance can be a bit harsh.

And to answer the question on the gear box, they are fine once you get used to them. I have only ever been to the garage for a service, no problems to report.

3rd Jan 2009, 18:22

Is the ZXi the 2.0 V6? I thought it only developed 150bhp ish and had a book figure of 0-60 in 9seconds. Group 14 insurance seems a lot for that kind of performance (a lot of new diesels can match it, and even cars a good 5 insurance groups less).

10th Feb 2010, 05:08

The 1.8 has a 0-62 time of 10.7 seconds, so I'd have thought that time of 9 seconds to be pretty much correct. If a little conservative.

24th Feb 2010, 16:38

Whoa... I am a born again car lover. After years in the wilderness of not caring about cars, I am again in love. For a variety of reasons, and as it turns out, luck, I am the owner of a 1998 ZXi. I never set out to buy one, and would never have even thought of one till I saw it in the local garage... in my price range!! I didn't know what I had bought really till I drove it!!

OK, the inside is basic I admit, but the outside more than makes up for it in looks in my opinion.

And the drive is immense! I am early thirties, and gave up boy racing ten years ago... I thought. Once in the higher rev ranges, this car drives like a real race car. Engine sounds superb and almost whistles. Acceleration is something else, and in third it actually made me laugh out loud. Never had a car like this before, but always will have now!

Used to love VW's, and still do, but since having an affair with a Mazda, I think I have found the one. This one's a keeper for sure...

25th Apr 2010, 15:00

I agree with the above review completely. What an awesome little gem the 323F VXi is... Grin factor of 10 :D.