31st Aug 2006, 10:19

I agree this car is one of the best cars I've owned, mine is 10 years old also and the only tiny spot of rust she has is inside the sunroof. She has done 104,000 so far and if you look after these cars and maintain them well then they should go for years. You'll see a number of these cars on the market with high mileage displaying they are reliable cars, you don't see many ford escorts etc on the market with mileage up to nearly 200,000. Also mine is also a 1.5 engine and she is very nippy I previously owned a 1.6 escort and she is much faster than this car. I'm sure some of the newer cars may be a nicer drive, as I have driven hire cars and courtesy cars myself, but for the age of the car shes a really great car.

12th Oct 2006, 04:20

I would guess that this review would angry all the Mazda fanatics out there ;-) but it's all true. This car is really bad, but it is now somewhat safer after he spent 1300 quid on a new drive shaft, front dampers and a bunch of other new parts. The problem is that all the parts for this car is twice the price compared to an Escort or a Focus, so repairing it is really expensive. I told him to drive it to the junkers, but he thinks it is wise to pour money into this piece of junk. The repairs is only to get it roadworthy. There are a bunch of other things that are wrong with this car. The rear light is falling apart and letting water inn blowing bulbs and fuses. But a new one is 180 quid fitted, so it has to wait. He tried to glue it and it just looks like crap. And by the way, all 4 doors have holes in them. It is rusted inside out so you have to open the doors to notice it.

22nd Oct 2006, 01:07

It's clear that the car was not really taken care of. The problems you have mentioned are very typical of that kind of neglect. I've seen it happen too many other cars. So far all the 323Fs I've seen are very immaculate units. Some had bad paint, but what do you expect for a 10 years old car? But that can be easily solved by a paint job. Otherwise the car will serve you well if nicely taken care of. Because even a Mercedes will give you problems if it's care is neglected.

28th Nov 2006, 23:20

I think I agree with so many folks that are taking on opposite side of your comment. My 323 is a "very OK" car. Neither it is the fastest nor cutest, but very dependable car. Fill up the gas tank and it will take you anywhere. It's not I am expecting from a car, yess. That's why I (regretfuly) never take care for service schedule, but it seems that this brutal treatment does nothing to it. In the end, I got to admit that it is my lovely work-horse. Think about it man!!

18th Dec 2006, 01:23

I really had to laugh when I read this one. It does not appear that the people arguing against this review has understood the point at all. I too own a 323 which I use for commuting almost 100 miles a day. Overall it's not especially cheap to run and I'm selling it. No major issues mechanically though. I guess the reason people, including me, buy these second hand 323's is perceived low running costs, but if you want ultimate low running costs and a plush ride go for a 3-4 year old Citroen diesel which I'm going back to now. You'll cut the fuel price in half, these cars easily lasts 200.000 miles with no break downs, are inexpensive to buy and inexpensive to insure. Do you want low running costs? Think untraditional and get rid of your thirsty, expensive-to-insure, expensive-to-service, overpriced 323, there will be no problem since many people will pay a lot for your car.

5th Nov 2007, 20:34

Hahaha some funny comments on here, well have you driven 323 Astina that has been looked after??? Maybe your brother in law loves it because he knows he never taken care of it & abused like no tomorrow. Any other car would not take all that beating & probably would even start all together & be recycled by now.

Or are you jealous that your brother owns one & that it may not even be in that bad condition and you're over exaggerating?

Citroen are odd cars, I wouldn't spend a cent on those cars.

I'll stick with affordable, reliable and super stunner Mazda Astina.

Don't believe this guy, he doesn't even own the car... the car is perfectly fine, astinas are durable and don't need to be serviced as often as other cars... some cars maybe cheaper to service, but at the end how many trip do you make to the mechanics??? Then calculate that & it would work out more expensive. Astinas are reasonable price to repair not the cheapest, but not expensive either & less servicing (peace of mind)

And 1 question how would this brother in law know how much astina car parts are, if he doesn't even own the car?

19th Apr 2008, 19:26

In some ways I can relate to what the reviewer is saying - my 323F 1.5 also has bad (even dangerous) handling thanks to various worn suspension components, and is about to be scrapped due to that and also rusted f&r subframes. But it is 13 years old and has been reliable and pretty economical. To slate the car in such a way is unnecessary. I'm sticking with them - due to collect a 323F ZXi V6 SE in two days, a younger car in better condition, can't wait!

27th Jan 2010, 10:30

Don't know what this guy is on about. The 323f is such a good car. I got mine wrote of a few weeks back, but I'm back ready to drive, and going out tomorrow to buy the same car again. It's so nice to sit in and so cheap to run, so sorry but ya comment must be about some other car.

2nd Feb 2010, 17:31

Yeah, just sold my 1996 323F last month. I put it on the ads and it was sold the following day. I bought a 2002 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 turbo petrol, and it's given me nothing but major trouble since I got it. I had my 323F 1.5 for the last 5 years, got I serviced once or twice in those 5 years and it was still a rocket. Not a bit of trouble or rust on it, and lovely to drive. Way faster than a 1.4 Focus like. Am sorry I sold it now.