2007 Mazda 5 Sport Gasoline from North America


Excellant vehicle for a long trip! Room for 6 adults, a mini-van that achieves sportiness!


Power locks on rear doors have not been reliable, and the dealer didn't have a clue. Still broke!

Brake rotors warped, and it was supposed to be part of a safety recall; dealer tried to charge us for it!

General Comments:

Very nice car, overall just needed to replace normal wear items, tires, brakes, oil, etc.

Hate the dealers; they lie and try to sell you something you don't need!

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Review Date: 16th October, 2010

2007 Mazda 5 GT 2.3 from North America


Priced like an import with the quality of a domestic


Rear strut leaked early in the life of the car.

Clunking in front end since around 20,000KM, but dealer NOT able to find/correct problem UNTIL the car was out of warranty. Now up to me to pay for the repair! Mazda Canada little help.

Suspension STILL creaks in winter when outside temp around 0 degrees or lower. Dealer claims to have repaired it during the previous winter, but it now creaks again loud enough for people walking on the sidewalk to hear.

General Comments:

Handles well.

Not enough power when loaded with 4 people and A/C running.

Front tires wear very quickly, even though my driving is mostly highway.

Noisy inside, especially at highway speeds. Seems to be both road and wind noise.

Stock tires over-priced and under-perform. Had to replace around 70,000KM.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2009

25th Sep 2009, 17:04

I have had similar complaints about my 2006 Mazda5 GT.

I have compiled them here:


Perhaps if we can get more owners to comment there, it will add pressure on Mazda to help us rectify our suspension issues!

2007 Mazda 5 Grand Touring 2.3 from North America


Great car marred by a bad rear suspension


After my last 2006 Mazda 5 Touring got totalled in a highway accident, I bought a 2007 Mazda 5GT.

It is a great car. Safe, comfortable and feature-packed.

However, the rear shocks have completely leaked air TWICE in the past month when I put two people in the third row designed specifically to accommodate two rear passengers. The rear suspension has since been making a knocking noise and some unpleasant grinding sounds. This is all in a brand new 2007 car with less than 10,000 miles on it. The miles that I do have are all highway miles, and the car has had all of its regular service performed as per car manual.

The mechanics at the dealership service department tell me that rear suspension problems are common with Mazda 5s, and that there should be a recall bulletin coming. I am not waiting that long. Trading it in while Hyundai Tucson rebates are hot, and while my local Hyundai dealer is blowing Tucsons out the door.

Don't get me wrong, Mazda 5 is an awesome car -- I've had two and loved them both -- but I cannot wait and see if Mazda steps up and does the right thing here.

General Comments:

Comfortable, safe, feature-packed car.

Leather seats are great and the car is very, very comfortable on long trips. So many storage spaces that you always have room to fit anything in this car.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2007

25th Dec 2007, 11:12

Hello From Darlington England; We love our Mazda 5 too, it's a great car, but unfortunately, it too has suffered from suspension problems. That is a real shame because that for me is pretty poor, I buy a car to drive it, the only time that car should see the inside of a garage is routine servicing !!

The rear shocker had been replaced once already, and is going back for a second time. I suspect it is the same fault (suspension) - although I am no tecnician. But the GRINDING NOISE at present noise is DREADFULL. My local dealership are pretty NAFF and seem to sit on their hands; somewhat clueless. It is like getting your teeth pulled.

25th Jun 2009, 09:35

From Panama City, Panama

I have a 2007 Mazda 5 and 2006 Mazda 6; wonderful cars, but also as others comment a lot of problem with the rear and front suspension. Dealers take a long time to accept the failures.

29th Sep 2009, 00:31

I have also had many suspension issues with my 2006 Mazda5 GT. I have documented all 5 (yes, five) suspension issues here:


Perhaps if we all document our problems there, it will put additional pressure on Mazda to rectify our problems!

17th Dec 2009, 16:50

Hello from Darlington England - again. We said goodbye to our Mazda one week ago... I WILL NOT MISS IT. Between this comment and the last one, the MAZDA has been back many times to the dealer. With front suspension faults + rear suspension noise - the rear shockers have BEEN replaced twice, and had gone wrong again.

Shame on MAZDA + the dealers whom DO NOT HAVE A CLUE what is actually wrong, or what part to order; you might get the part in 3 months time, what day is it, did I put underwear on today, did I turn the hob off this morning.

HONESTLY I have been there and back, and then BACK again with MAZDA and their dozy incompetent dealers. My wife spent 3 hours waiting with a new born baby - screaming to be fed, for a job (suspension) THEY said would take 1 hour tops.

When I traded it last week, the guy drove my car - I had my fingers crossed that he DID not hear the noise from the rear suspension... luckily he didn't.

I now have my Toyota Previa sat on my drive - certainly NOT a Mazda!!

Kind regards.