2006 Mazda 6 mazda Grand Touring 6 cylinder from North America




I purchased the car 6 months ago. It is female driven and according to the dealership, the engine has a defect and they have ordered a new motor.

The car has 6000 miles.

The dealer won't offer any special trade or replacement vehicle other than the norm.

Mazda customer service offers no apology and will not make any offer to trade or replace vehicle.

Mazda won't give GM's name and has told me that I have to deal with the dealership. No return phone calls from Mazda as requested.

General Comments:

Don't buy Mazda. I don't think all of their cars are bad. If you purchase a $34,000 car and it fails in 6000 miles, (female driven) They should at least apologize and be willing to do something for the consumer other than order a new motor. Make an offer to get me into a new vehicle.

All Mazdas aren't bad cars, beware if you have a problem.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2007

25th Jan 2007, 20:44

Why would they offer to get you a new vehicle when your new motor is (hopefully) covered under warranty?

26th Jan 2007, 02:27

Absolutely- Mazda is just honouring the stipulated warranty. How on earth can you give Mazda a pasting for doing the right thing? The dealer service department found a glitch with the engine/powertrain, obviously not able to be fixed. Therefore, a new motor has been ordered under warranty. Be thankful that you haven't bought a Ford or GM product, my friend. You'd be having a hell of a time trying to get a response as satisfactory, unless you consider warranty denial campaigns and other blatant lies to be justifiable.

2006 Mazda 6 5-Door Hatchback V6 from North America


The mazda 6 is a fast, sporty, and smooth riding car!


Nothing has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

This car is great! I Purchased my Mazda 6 about one month ago. The car is quick and rides smooth. After test driving the four and six cylinder, I decided to go with the six. With 215hp you can really feel the power. There is plenty of room in the front and back seats. I chose the hatchback because I think it gives the car a more sportier look. Mazda did a great job when they decided on seat fabric for the 6. The seats are like a suede material. I have been getting 23-24 miles per gallon with city driving, which I think is pretty good with a six cylinder. I definitely recommend the Bose audio system and sunroof package;it runs about $1400.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2006

2006 Mazda 6 S Sport Wagon 3.0 V6 from North America


A driver's car overlooked by many buyers


As delivered: Warped front rotor. One headlight cover developed condensation under the lens in rain.

Update at 23k miles: Lifter (valve) noise at low RPMs when engine is hot. I'm told it's normal. Transmission is starting to act up on the 5th-4th gear downshift and I think she's gonna blow! The warped rotor is coming back, and the dealer says the warranty will not cover it this time. Ford must have had something to do with the brakes, as they never seem to be able to get them right (not on the Fords I've owned anyway). My '98 Chrysler hasn't had this problem once in 200k plus miles!

Update at 26k miles: Transmission replaced by dealer under warranty. I was without my car for three weeks, but at least they put in an entirely new transmission rather than let the local monkeys rebuild it. The transmission now shifts very smoothly, but still has some of the same annoying traits (see below) which would require getting rid of the Mazda engineer who thought these were a good idea. A friend of mine with an '05 Mazda6 V6 also has had her transmission replaced under warranty. As much as I like the car, I don't think I would want to buy a used one, unless you get the 4 cylinder, which has a different transmission.

Update at 33k miles: There is a TSB on the transmission. If you buy a 6 with the 6-speed auto make sure it was manufactured after Feb 26, 2006. Mine has a new tranny now (under warranty) and all seems fine. I added a Fujita cold air intake system (US$215 on E-Bay) and the artificial throttle response I complained about below is gone and the engine seems to make more torque now. I don't know why they don't fit this at the factory! Despite the transmission problem, I still really like the car. I wish the transmission didn't downshift when coasting down a hill. Note to engineers: If I want to slow the car down I will use the brakes!

General Comments:

The car handles very well, is fairly quiet and civilized and feels structurally very solid. It's no BMW when pushed hard, but still a very nice car to drive, with a perfect driving position for my 5'11" frame.

The seats feel great around town, but I was a bit less enthralled with them on a 300 mile trip. I can appreciate the difficulty of designing a seat to fit all sizes, shapes and driving styles, so maybe the compromises made were for the best.

I sense a slight hesitation in the engine during low speed, light-to-mid-throttle acceleration. It's hard to say if this is in the motor or just the transmission running through it's six speeds in the few seconds it takes to reach 25 mph. The throttle response also feels a bit artificial. Both of these are a bit disappointing in that I never experienced any driveability problems in my Chrysler Concorde's 200k miles.

Sometimes I wish the Mazda engineers had taken the money they spent developing the 6-speed automatic gearbox and put it towards a little more low-end torque, but the V-6 is very quiet and feels refined.

The vibration in the brakes under hard application is a bit bothersome too. I thought perhaps the pads just needed time to break in, but after 750 miles the problem is still there.

Both interior road noise and the center console are much improved over the '05 version I rented prior to buying my '06.

I did not order the Bose stereo and do not regret it. The standard unit sounds fine. Other than a little more bass in the Bose I had a hard time distingushing the difference.

Update at 3500 miles: The driveability and fuel mileage of the engine have improved greatly with miles (now at 3,500) and the dealer turned the front rotors at no charge which fixed the brake problem. Fuel economy is now averaging over 25-27 mpg (almost all highway miles) compared to 22-24 mpg on the first couple of tanks.

Update at 23,000 miles: The driving position of this car is perfect. It always feels good to get back in it. Forget what I said above about my first impression of the seats. They're great, short or long trips.

Warm weather really slows the car down. Seems like maybe it would really benefit from an aftermarket cold air induction unit.

The automatic transmission shifts smoothly most of the time, but has some annoying traits. An automatic transmission should NEVER downshift more than two gears unless the accelerator is FLOORED. Seems like the programmers were trying to compensate for the motor's lack of torque, but I'd pay money to have someone program this annoying characteristic out. I also dislike that the transmission downshifts to a lower gear when coasting down a hill. That's what brakes are for! Fortunately, putting the shifter in manual mode temporarily overrides these annoying traits, which I do whenever I'm driving in hilly areas.

I've had a valve (lifter) tick when the engine is hot since the car was almost new. Haven't found time to get the dealer to look at it yet but perhaps it just needs adjustment.

I wish the control for the A/C were in the general area of the display. It's annoying to be looking one place and operating a control someplace else whle driving.

The standard Michelin Pilots XSE are holding up well and are AWESOME in the rain. Averaging 26 mpg on the highway and 23.5 mpg overall with the V6 engine.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2006