11th May 2009, 09:49

Original reviewer here.

I'm glad you found my review of benefit to you, thank you for your kind words.

Where the benefit is in the 6 speed gearbox is in the intermediate gear ratios being more closely stacked together. Believe you me, it makes for both a tangible and enjoyable experience, especially when driving the car hard, and keeping the engine in its torque band. The gearshift quality is rifle bolt direct in comparison to the 5 speed gearbox's slightly rubbery shift.

In England I had a 2 litre 6 speed manual Mazda 6. 6th gear is taller than in the 2.3 litre versions. At 100mph/161km/h, the engine was turning over at 4200rpm, versus 4600 for my car.

To further inform anyone wanting more information, I just had the 50 000 km service carried out. There was nothing to report.

The same goes for the previous services, aside from the ring seal replaced at the 10 000km service, and the aforementioned upholstery issues.

For anyone wanting to know prices paid for franchised Mazda dealer servicing on my car, they are as follows:-

10 000 km service, $158.35

20 000 " " $206.70

30 000 " " $148.50

40 000 " " $360.00

50 000 " " $173.70

I had the tyres replaced at 42 000 km, the originals had around 10-15000 km worth of tread remaining, but their wet weather performance had deteriorated badly. I replaced the OEM Bridgestone Turanzas with Bob Jane Xenon Z7 tyres (made by Bridgestone in South Australia), they are quieter, and seem to perform equally well.

I forgot to mention the braking performance in my review, it is excellent. The ABS works well, and the brake pedal modulation is nicely progressive. High speed stops are no drama, even from 200+km/h/124+mph. Even under emergency braking conditions, the car holds its own, with excellent stability and controllability. Fade is simply non existent.

I will keep posting comments in regard to the car's progress throughout its service life.

Best Wishes

Thomas :)

17th Sep 2009, 08:48

Original reviewer again.

I had the 60000 km service carried out today. The total cost was $304.00.

In addition to this service, I had the gearbox oil drained, and refilled with new 75W/85W gearbox oil. The gearshift quality is even better again now, the best it's ever been, in fact.

I also had two minor items replaced, one being the radiator cap, which was prone to slight seepage, and a nearside front passenger door weatherstrip, which had a slight surface split. Both items were replaced under warranty without a drama.

I'm still immensely pleased with the car. Highly recommended.

Happy motoring everyone,

Thomas :)

2nd Apr 2010, 00:44

Original reviewer again.

My Mazda6 was involved in an accident, at 68215 km. I had to swerve off the road, to avoid a head on accident. In doing so, I went into an oversteer slide. I managed to hold the slide, but ran out of run off area, and hit a lamppost, on the offside front quarter region. The total cost of repairs, all up, was $4800. Once the car was repaired, it wasn't quite to pre incident condition, sadly, with too many finishing flaws, and a few tracking issues, one of which was slight pulling to the left.

I did get the 70000 km service carried out, at 68688 km. This cost me $190.00, all up. There was nothing to report, at the very least, service wise.

Sadly, due to the accident, I traded my Mazda 6 in, for a runout model (but still new car) Mazda 6 sedan, a 2.5 litre GH1051 series 6 speed manual sedan, in Galaxy Grey.

Once I have driven a sufficient distance, I will write a review on it. At this stage, running in is happening.

Keep a lookout in the next 12 months, for my review on my new car.

Safe driving everyone.

Best Wishes,

Thomas :)

3rd Feb 2011, 05:35

I agree with the original author's comments on handling etc.

I have completed 100,000 km, and the only problems I've had addressed is having the front brake discs re-machined at 70,000 at a cost of about $200.

I'm on my third set of tyres, and have opted for Pirelli P6000 on the standard 16 inch rims. They have far better grip (about 80% of dry weather capability) in the wet than the original Turanzas, but they do cost about $250 each.