2nd Aug 2010, 02:40

I am the original poster of this review.

Currently the car is doing fine. The scratchy/rattling noise which I had mentioned in the last post turned out to be faulty bearings in the distributor, which was replaced without having to replace the whole part (the whole part costs hell of a lot).

The earlier scares that the catalytic converter is damaged were unfounded. I had the starter motor repaired because the car wouldn't start. After these I have had no major car repair issues.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. I made an in home repair for the broken storage box lid, but it came off again after 4 days.

11th Feb 2011, 05:52

This is the original poster of this review.

After the last episode, the car has been doing fine. As I had mentioned in the my earlier posts, the body work of Mazda is absolutely lousy. I have recently started noticing rust build up in certain areas of the car. For an 8 year old car, this is not good at all, I have friends who own cars which are 10 to 15 years old, and the body of their cars is still in pristine condition. That's about it for now.

7th Apr 2011, 11:18

This is the original poster of this review.

The rust spots have started in the bay area of the right side back light. It's small, but it's growing. I was just checking around the internet and found out that quite a few 2003 Mazda 6s did have bodywork issues from the manufacturing plant itself. This Mazda has acknowledged, but has not provided a fix and the lousy dealer in my region isn't doing anything about it.

Anyway, this is second hand car which I have used a lot and clocked a lot of mileage. Also I checked out the resale value, and it isn't that much, so I am not going to invest much into this car as I believe that I have achieved my money's worth and more. I will use this car as long as I can.