27th Jul 2011, 17:26

I would be happy to relay the MPG figures to you on the 2006 6i 2.3 4cyl. I bought new with 7 miles on the odo.

From the very start (BEFORE THE 10% ETHANOL INVASION) this car gave 33 to 36.1 mpg highway, and around 28 to 29 around town. I do drive easy on the throttle when wanting to achieve ultimate fuel economy, but with normal just go-to-work at 61 miles a day, accelerating, braking and the like with a 50/50 mix of 60mph and city 35-45 mph driving, I was able to average 30.5 mpg consistently.

NOW WITH THE ETHANOL GARBAGE, this tank is currently 24.5 mpg, however, the car does have just under 72k on it.

This is a fluke though, because up till this tank it has at least averaged 27 city and 32 highway even with the ethanol. The difference now is that I have gotten rid of those dreaded Michelins that others as well do not like, and now have Cooper equivalents on it. These tires stick like super glue around corners, and well, that means the spirited driving has something to do with the fuel mileage now. OOPS!

Went for a 675 mile trip recently at outside temps around 98 to 100 degrees F., and got 30.5 at 70-73 MPH with ethanol... A/C was a must, so...

Only complaint, as with most new cars, the headliner near the rear window starts separating and delaminating, and under dealer warranty it has been replaced. Other than that, great vehicle. My wife and kids love the Zoom Zoom addage that goes with this car. ME TOO...

By the way, the Govt. mileage figures for this car with this automatic are 24 city and 31 highway, pretty much does what it is supposed to, and a little more if you curb your ZOOM ZOOM attitude. Ha!