1984 Mazda 626 LX 2.0 Gas from North America


3 stripe design alloy wheels. DIFFERENT


Ignition gave up at 195000 miles.

Transmission losing fluid excessively at 215000.

Engine leaks oil in excess at 230000.

Engine showing its age at 246000. (noisy)

General Comments:

I had bought my USA 1984 Mazda 626LX with 169000 miles in 1992. I was so impressed on how good it ran (like new!). I had driven it to 214000 miles when my car got stolen. Until that time, I NEVER had any major problems. Never replaced engine or transmission.

Basically the things I had to do on my car all that time are 1. replace distributor, 2. fix neutral start switch, 3) replace leaking mechenical fuel pump, 4) replace alternator 5) Normal maintenance (tires, brakes, oil changes etc)

Too bad my car got stolen. Because I really loved my car. Until now, I HAVE NEVER LIKED ANY CAR THE SAME. THINGS HAVE NEVER BEEN THE SAME, since losing that day (Jan 20,1994). When my car got stolen, it was running as good as new, from day one I bought this car.

When police found my car. It was all ruined. Stripped of interior and cosmetic parts. I chose to fix it up and run it again. It was still running as good as new!! But after a few more tens of thousands of miles, I saw that the car started to show its age. Radiator clogged, oil leaks in excess, ignition gave up again, transmisson losing tons of fluid. I later found, it was just a $40 part on transmission (vacuum diaphram). Engine started getting very noisy (valves) At about this time 8-95, I decided that the useful life of the car has been served.

Overall the experiance of ownership of this 1984 Mazda 626LX was the BEST I EVER HAD. More than even nice cars of today. I'm talking about how satisfied I was with this car. I have never been more satisfied!!

My favorite things I liked about my car were these.

1) Loved the quiet, not necessarily smooth, but I really loved how quiet the engine was. In the cabin, the engine buzz was simply eliminated with the well insulated firewall of car. This was probably the most impressive to me!!

2) I really loved the style. My car was the 2 door coupe. The part of this car I really really liked, on which is actually the reason I wanted this 626 in the first place, IT'S THE UNIQUE design Mazda made for the alloy wheels. DIFFERENT THAN I EVER SEEN FOR ANY CAR. It's the 3 stripes crossing the entire rim design. I really liked it, because it's SO DIFFERENT! And I feel this style that ONLY 83 THRU 85 Mazda 626s have, is VERY EYE CATCHING, when the car is moving! It just very flashy. Really cool. Since these cars are only ones to have these style stock rims. I felt that its only ONE of me out there. We all know how common cars are. I least I felt my car is a different car!!

3) The other part too was the design of the interior; it was really nicely designed. I really loved it. Especially where Mazda put the power window switch. On the center console of the car. NOW ANOTHER THING THAT IS VERY DIFFERENT. What other cars do that?? It's all about being different for me. I want to be noticed!!!

4) And of course LASTLY, this car was one of the best cars I ever owned for its reliability!!!

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Review Date: 29th July, 2006

1984 Mazda 626 LX 2.0 from North America


Old Faithful


The engine needed to be rebuilt at 170,000 miles. I had the radiator rodded at the same time. I've replaced three alternators, six batteries, three radios. But the worst thing about the car is the dome light. I've replaced it twice and it still doesn't work. There have been some issues with questionable California smog rules, which are tougher than federal rules. But on its last test (two years ago) it passed without a hitch.

General Comments:

I am original owner of this vehicle and it has been fantastic. Powerful little 2.0 liter engine. Original clutch. Interior wore well. Spacious. Easy on gas. Great paint job. Given that I've had it 20 years, it has been very economical and dependable, much more so than the other eight vehicles I have owned in that span.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2004