21st Aug 2002, 10:09

I have a 1993 Mazda 626 ES. The first problem was the brakes, the dealer said there wasn't anything wrong with them. Guess What! When the warranty was up I needed new brakes. Major engine repair done under warranty, transmission replaced just before the extended warranty was up, only because I insisted there was a problem did they agree that it was bad. The airbag light is blinking, dealer said it was the fuse inside, cost of repair $250.00, just left it broken. Power antenna has broken twice. And the green paint was bad and I had to have it painted, which now brings down the trade in value. Now the Moon roof leaks. Needless to say I will not buy another Mazda.

Good points-comfortable ride, good gas mileage especially for a V6.

10th Sep 2002, 00:44

Finally, others who have had the same problems! I have the dark green metallic paint on my 1993 Mazda 626LX. The paint is also badly oxidized. My real test was having body work done years later and part of the car getting repainted and in a couple of years it all looked the same--bad. I live in Phoenix, so that makes it worse--but we have seen many recently. Also, my airbag has the blinking light that blinks a code and is the fuse that costs more than it's worth to fix--wonder if it works. Also, have the antenna motor that makes noise, but doesn't work. This is my third and last Mazda--I used to be so loyal. Contact us we want to put together a list of green paint issue people cvasos@aol.com. My car was one of the first off the line, with your VIN# we can determine where/when yours was made. Great car inside, it also saved me in an accident.

21st Jul 2006, 23:25

I bought a used 1993 Mazda 626 ES last year. I also have an antenna that makes a lot of noise, but does not go up nor down. I have a significant oil leak that will not go away no matter how many times I get it fixed. Every time I get the leak fixed in one spot, it leaks in another. My power window motor has also gone out and my airbag light blinks every 5 seconds. But one up side is that I have a white paint job that is original and it has not faded or peeled. Overall it is a good car with the exception of oil leaking all over my driveway!

19th Aug 2007, 19:48

I recently bought a used 93' Mazda ES V6 4 door. Brakes went bad. Water pump went bad, timing belt and pulleys went bad with in two weeks of having it. It skips when RPM's go up quick. Black pain is chipping off the hood as well.