26th Apr 2003, 09:19

We own a 2000 626 LX V6 with 39000 km which was purchased new. I would not recommend buying one. The car has been taken in for problems that the dealer has never repaired. There is knocking sound coming from the rear right of the vehicle, which sounds similar to a muffled wood pecker, a banging noise also in the rear when going over small bumps and a cracking noise when turning the steering wheel. The " wood pecker " noise was explained as a computer module going through some test?? The banging could be the rear stabilizer bushing, but doesn't look like it (repaired once) and the cracking had something to do with the shock tower bushing (also repaired, but not fixed). The engine light constantly comes on for nothing. A portion of the trunk deck had to be replaced. The plastic molding broke off. The driver seat is uncomfortable for a 6 footer, the road noise is terrible (outside of the knocking, banging and cracking) and the vinyl coverings crack in the cold. The dealer has advised that the car should have a four wheel alignment at 38000 km. The car hasn't been in any accident or anything. It is just recommended by the dealership. The dealership has been less than satisfactory. If you are thinking about buying a 626, I would have to say think again.

13th Oct 2003, 07:47

I have 2000 Mazda 626 LX (71000), that seems to have one problem after another including failed transmission. This is after taking the car in for ALL recommended maintainence. The only place the car gets services, including oil changes/tire rotation, is at the dealership where I bought the car. The service rep. has standard answer for all the problems - "I did not design the car", "I don't make the car, I just repair them", "I don't have survey of how other Mazda are doing in USA".

I am never buying another Mazda.

20th Nov 2003, 19:58

Well I must say, after reading these reviews I am a bit scared that these horror stories may happen to me. I currently own a 2002 mazda 626 ES (v6) with 10,000 miles. I have only had the car for a few months, but so far I love it! There has not been anything wrong with it. Mine rides very smooth and doesn't make any noises... so far! I hope that I have better luck than the rest of you!

7th Jul 2004, 03:58

I have had my 2002 Mazda 626 v6 for almost two years. I haven't had a single problem in the 20,000 miles I have put on it in that time. (It has a total of 30,000 miles.) It rides very smoothly and is easy to keep very clean, even with two young kids! We bought this car because we previously owned a 323 Mazda and put 225,000 miles on it with only replacing minor parts, such as the alternator. It would not quit! It was driven in Hawaii for 6 years and it was also 14 years old and only had a couple of small rust spots! We still see the teenagers we sold it to driving it... it must have over 300,000 miles now. As you can tell, our Mazda cars have been very good to us and we recommend them to anyone!

2nd Aug 2004, 08:27

I currently own a 2000 Mazda 626es. And I have never had any more problems with any other car than I do with this one. First, I already had to get my transmission replaced. The fan belt on the alternator and air conditioner snaps often, the suspension/struts on the car seriously are wearing apart. I haven't driven the car that much either. I am very very very unhappy about this car. Don't ever get it.

18th Aug 2005, 23:49

I've owned my 2000 Mazda 626ES since Feb. 2000 and have had few problems with it so far and almost 92,000 miles. The battery lasted up until August 2005 and finally gave out. To be honest, though, I take better care of my vehicles than most and have been treating my engine with products such as Z-Max. Only problems that have occured so far have been my rear passenger making a loud noise when triggering the locks, the front passenger door switch going out, and the woodpecker rattle that others have stated. Honestly, so far my Mazda has been a great deal and I hope this continues.

15th Sep 2005, 18:29

I have a Mazda 626 ES-V6 with almost 50,000 miles on it, and so far (knock on wood), I've had no problems. The only thing is replacing the battery 6 months ago. I've heard about the transmission problems, but found out that it mainly affects the 4 cylinder 626's, and not the V6 models. So far I'm happy about it, and hope my luck continues... I will not be ready for a new car for quite a few years.