9th Jan 2004, 16:26

I have owned my Mazda for 3 months. Bought it with 109,000 now with 114,000 I need to replace my transmission. Worst purchase I ever made. What makes me more angry I is i thought I was getting a reliable car. Proved me wrong.

30th May 2004, 16:36

I don't know... I have a 1995 Mazda 626 and trust me, I have put it through some bad stuff!

However, the only real problem I have encountered is when I put it into Park or Neutral from Drive/Reverse. The rpm fall very low before returning to a normal 1000.

Besides that problem (which I am looking to fix), the car runs great and all. I've not had to replace the transmission or anything like that! Maybe I'm just lucky (knock on wood!).

The previous owner did pamper the car, however. Lesson: If you must drive a 1995 626, drive it nicely!

29th Dec 2004, 09:42

I am concerned! My 1995 Mazda 626 (2.0L, 4Cyl) just started shifting hard into 2nd and the O/D light came on. I think I am looking at replacing the tranny based on what I have read about other owners car problems. I have 120,000 miles on this car and had planned on driving it into the ground. I just didn't know that would happen so soon. I will NOT be happy if the transmission fails! I should have bought a used HONDA!

24th Aug 2005, 11:40

My transmission failed to worked at about 75000 miles. I barely have about three months with the car. I really like these car for its fast speed and its looks, but I think I really made a bad choice.

23rd Apr 2007, 08:52


I have a 96 626 with over 135,xxx on it. It only cost me $1800. It still has the original transmission. I am very happy with my car even though I have put it through a lot of junk. I've taken it through a plowed field even. It still works great and have excellent handling and performance. You should buy a Mazda if you are looking for a car.