23rd Apr 2001, 18:45

I owned a 1972 Mazda 808 2 door. It was my first car, and I will never love a car as much as I did it. It NEVER let me down. My only problem with it, was that I could not get parts for it. Other than that, I would totally own another, as a matter of fact, I have seen 2 more, and have wanted to trade my 14 year newer car for it. I would love to.


16th May 2001, 23:36

The Mazda 808 and RX3 are brilliant cars and with a few cheap mods they can prove to be very gutsy light fun cars to throw around.

1st Jun 2001, 23:06

I had a Mazda 808 as my first car. Ran well, very economical to run but repairs cost a fortune because of the FAMOUS EXPENSIVE MAZDA PARTS. Mazda don't make money by selling CARS, they make huge money by selling spare parts. I drive a Toyota Camry now and will never buy a Mazda in my life again and I tell people NOT to buy Mazda because spare parts are ridiculously expensive.


Karachi, Pakistan.

23rd Sep 2002, 18:22

Well, what can I say... I have been driving a 1978 808 (1600) Wagon for the last 18 months, and it has been a brilliant car. Cheap to maintain, and a pleasure to drive.

As for shooting your mouth off about the 1300 (which I also own one of) being a Ford Laser engine, this is very untrue. The TC series 1300 engine is a rear wheel drive only engine, and was only used in 1970's Mazda's.

808's are brilliant little cars, and I am in the middle of rebuilding the 1300 wagon at the moment. I am planning to drop in an 1800 out of a 929, or a 2L out of a 626 or E series van. Any comments or help with this would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at:


Thanks all,

Kendrick, Tasmania, Australia.

23rd Apr 2003, 03:56

I have a 73 Mazda 1300 4 dr. It has a series 5 13b turbo engine with a turbo port, RX7 series 5 turbo transmission, upgraded brakes, 3" Mandrel bent exhaust, 9" diff, Microtech MTX8 computer, Recaro seats, Corsa leather steering wheel, Monsta tacho, dual stage boost controller, Supersonic blow off valve, pre-pump, high pressure fuel pump and surge tank. Dynoed at 150kw at rear wheels on 6 psi. 220kw on 12psi at the wheels, and FR17" Simmons rims with 205 tyres. Number plates are SCARY1. Hasn't yet been down the quarter mile, but will expect mid 11's.

If anybody wants to talk rotors, contact me at kurtco52@hotmail.com

Remember Munch Munch Pistons for lunch.

21st Jun 2003, 06:38

Why not post some photos of your 1300? Sounds like you did some nice work.

14th Jun 2006, 01:42

What do people think about the 1978 mazda 929 wagon. I have one sitting in my garage just painted (mazda 1973 March blue great colour) but lost interest. Went out of rego. May find itself in a wreckers good motor, though it is a Gem release.