1982 Mazda 929 Limited Sedan 2.0L 4 cylinder carburettor from Australia and New Zealand


Don't trust the dealer - have it fully checked out anyway


I feel I was sold a car that had been written off in a previous smash, and then rebuilt and re-sold to an unsuspecting first-car-buyer such as myself. As it happens, at the time I had a friend who had a car that looked exactly the same from the outside, but hers had a blue interior, and mine was grey. After looking around, I found that grey interiors became standard on the '84 hard-top version. This includes the dash and instrument panel - so the odometer was probably very inaccurate. I now know what to look for and which questions to ask the dealer before purchasing a car.

At 80kph, vehicle seemed to judder, as though fuel line blocked. Dealer SAID they'd serviced everything and tuned the engine. I later acid-bathed the carby at a cost of $160 and that fixed it.

Indicator/headlight switch failed a month or so after I bought it. Took it back to the dealer who fitted an inferior replacement, whose headlight switch flopped all over the place, sometimes resulting in my leaving the parking lights on all day, hence flat battery. Got worse after I installed 100W spotlights - on hot days the high beam (including these spotties) would suddenly engage and I'd either be flashed while driving or have another flat battery at the end of the day. I bought a part in much better condition about 6 months before I sold it.

Also replaced the alternator about a year before it's trade.

Endless troubles with the fusible links - the dash lights/brake lights didn't work occasionally...

The rust was also getting in quite profoundly by the time I sold it.

Small amount of oil-burning throughout the 3 years I had it.

At the time of selling, the problems were: noisy clutch throw bearing, worn-out exhaust system, new shocks needed, weeping Welsh plug under the manifold, carby needed cleaning again, air conditioner needed a re-gas, plus a fair few bis and pieces too superficial to list.

General Comments:

This car was a very good choice for me - it only cost $5000 (!) when I bought it, AND it had air conditioning, power windows and central locking.

This car, while in dire need of a rotary engine in place of the old 4 cylinder, was very pleasant to drive - comfortable, and handled better than my current Magna. The gearbox in the thing was easily my favourite - I've yet to drive a manual car with such refined gearstick action. Most front-wheel-drive boxes are so fussy...

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Review Date: 24th January, 2002