1985 Mazda 929 Coupe 2.0i from Netherlands


A very comfortable, fast tourer for a low price


Some hooligan smashed in my left passenger window, it proved incredibly hard to find a secondhand window, a new one was unaffordable since the car is extremely rare in the Netherlands.

General Comments:

It's a unique car, very luxurious. Most people become very excited when they get into the car, they jsut don't expect a car this old to be this luxurious.

Handling of the car is quit good, as long as the corners aren't too tight (it's quit a big car). The acceleration is excellent and the engine is a jewel.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2002

4th Oct 2009, 09:00

I agree with you, I have the same car, and there couldn't be a better car, I wish the new models of mazda were that good.

1985 Mazda 929 4 door hardtop 2.0 carburettor from Australia and New Zealand


A super-comfortable cruiser


Engine cracked head at 155,000km - replaced with a reconditioned motor.

Power steering pump failed at 160,000km.

Paint faded very badly on horizontal surfaces after 12 years in Australian conditions.

New carburettor at 160,000km.

General Comments:

This car would have been brilliant with a better engine (something like a Subaru Turbo Boxer...!). It does lack a lot in acceleration, especially with the automatic slushbox and non-injected engine.

As it is, it has been a superb highway cruiser. Passengers often comment that the seats are the most comfortable they have ever been in. The handling is really quite excellent with the electronic suspension set to "Hard" - turns in beautifully at any speed.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2000

22nd Jul 2003, 20:44

I can't go wrong with you there, I have one myself and the exact same thing has happened to mine.

16th Jul 2005, 04:55

And the same thing happened with mine!

14th Oct 2006, 03:58

Thanks boyz, I'm thinking of buying a 929. I'm all into comfyness :)

10th Dec 2009, 23:56

Actually the F/MA was never used in any econovans or Mazda E series vans. The F/NA 1600cc version was, in the 1979 to 1984 version, along side the TC 1300cc motor as the cheaper option.

The 1400 UC also served in the first of the current shape econovan/E series between '84 and '85, guess it was dropped for being too slow and to make way for the F8 1800 and the FE 2000 motors...

I suppose maybe someone with an old econovan or E series probably swapped their F/NA for a F/MA at one stage... would have been fairly quick for a van at that time.