1986 Mazda B2000 from North America


Got more than my money out of it... it's family!


My truck always gets cards stuck under the wiper blade from people who want to buy it.

Cherry condition although the gray decals are starting to slightly fade.

I tell everyone "It's been to the moon $240,000 and is now headed back!"

Repeatedly passes Calif. smog test in less than 10 minutes.

Smog attendant says - she's cleaner than a new car.

Faithfully have changed the oil every 5000 miles.

Seats have begun to wear - rip.

The Plastic lining window frame outside has begun to crinkle.

B-2000 side logos and black escutcheon of back window paint is deteriorating turning to a silver color.

Have had to paint black front grille and rear black bumper to keep new appearance.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2008

1986 Mazda B2000 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


This is the truck to have if you want something reliable, easy to fix, and fun to drive


Front main oil seal began to leak.

Pilot shaft barring began to whine.

Valve cover gasket hardened and began to leak.

Bed rusted out badly.

General Comments:

Aside from the bed rusting out the truck was great.

Though only rated to pull 1000 lbs I literally drug a 5000 pound car down the road with only 2 tires on it over 13 miles at 45-50 mph without much effort after getting it started.

All the engine repairs were easy to do with simple hand tools.

I rolled the truck in a ditch due to poor road conditions and walked away without a scratch. The roof was crushed in at the middle and the rear window was smashed but it was easy to get road worthy again.

The truck handles well even with damage to the steering assembly.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2008

1986 Mazda B2000 se5 2.0 from North America


Awesome truck


Fuel filter every 10000 miles, master cylinder, and a bolt that stripped out of the top of the engine, because of faulty design that caused oil pressure under it to build up and pop out the bolt over time.

General Comments:

Really Reliable, never made me walk, worth way more than the 800 bucks I paid for it.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2006

1986 Mazda B2000 SE5 1.8L? from North America


Great little truck, way ahead of its time


Replaced several thermostats (repeated problem - seemed like a flaw in the cooling system design)

Replaced head gasket and radiator at 95kmi (after failed thermostat caused overheat).

Replaced shocks at 80kmi.

Replace drive belts at 50kmi.

Replaced all belts including timing belt at 80kmi.

The turn signal reset broke around 90kmi. I never bothered to fix it since it was only a minor annoyance to manually reset.

Bed began to severely rust around 100kmi. To be fair, this is probably due to the fact it was parked outside for over a year while I was in college.

Window became difficult to roll up eventually for some reason.

General Comments:

Boy I loved my little Mazda B2000! I would still have it today if it were not for a pack of deer late at night one autumn night which bashed it up pretty good. In fact, I would buy another one today if they still made them (an original B-series, not a Ford Ranger that is).

This truck was so easy to work on. I replaced the head gasket myself after I blew it up. Overall these were extremely reliable trucks, other than the thermostat problems I encountered. I beat the!@#$ out of mine, put miles after mile on it and it just kept going and going.

I bought it new for about $6000 back in 1986 and drove it exclusively for almost 12 years and it only left me stranded once in that whole time. My friends used to tease me that I'd never get a different vehicle. I didn't need to, it wouldn't die!

It was little underpowered, but it was truly one of the all-time great little truck designs. I say this despite the repeated problems I had with thermostats dying on it. Not sure if mine was just an anomaly in that respect since I didn't see any other complaints about it in any of the other reviews here. Eventually I just took the thermostat out and ran it cold and never had any more problems (although my heat was lacking a bit in winter afterward). Other than that and a couple other minor problems this thing was bulletproof. By the time I junked it at 140kmi, it still had the original clutch in it and I think I had only changed the original tires about 25kmi before that. Also, they were sharp looking little trucks, especially if you got the SE5 package. The styling was way ahead of its time and it STILL looked good when I finally got rid of it.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2005