1989 Mazda B2000 from North America


Cigarette lighter stopped working at 15k.

Air filter cover cracked at 60 k.

Hood showed discoloration over the air filter area at 60K.

General Comments:

This was my first new car at age 21. My best buddy, back in the day, bought a 86 B 2200 full blown extra cab. I liked the ride as opposed to some other trucks that rode rough. So, I saved some cash and looked for a good deal on a Mazda (meaning the last years most basic model). I got an 89 for $6200.

My Dad wanted me to buy American, but at that time, but nothing from the US looked good or was in my price range.

It was my best desicion up till getting married. The truck had ZERO mechanical issues other than caused by me. It ran great up till I stopped driving it a few years ago (2005).

I am 39 now and my wife asked me what I wanted for my 40th. I said "I want my "GREY GHOST to roll again"!

The GHOST has only 123 K on it, and from what I have read, I have a lot to go before I have to separate with my baby.

So far, I am in $1200.

Next will be the paint.

I don't know how good Mazdas are now, but 89's RULE!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 14th April, 2007