1991 Mazda B2000 extended cab 4 cylinder from North America


Little go getter!


When I bought this truck for work purposes, it only needed new spark plug wires, the coil wire was bad, but it would cost over 60.00 taxes in to buy new wires and since I only paid 200.00$ for the vehicle I just taped up the wires instead.

The windshield was cracked, but other than that not too bad.

The engine was also replaced according to the guy I bought it off and now the engine had a carburator, not fuel injected.

General Comments:

The trucks power was not very appealing.

However this little go getter spent all of its time on logging trails and I must say went through anything I put it through!

Good on gas and great fun in the snow with a little weight in the back.

I am now looking for a 1993 4*4 b2600, I love these trucks, but are hard to find!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st February, 2003