1981 Mazda B2200 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Not a show-pony, but a workhorse


Seats have worn. I replaced all rubber bushes, and front shockers which improved handling immensely. If car wanders, check rear spring bushes. Both window winders broke. Check for rust in tray. Also, I added one leaf spring, and had the others recurved. I do not know how far car has gone since speedometer only has five digits. Use a good large battery for a diesel.

General Comments:

This practical utility will be last off at the lights. Has started first time every time in four years. Has never missed a beat. Good for towing - heaps of low torque. Can carry heavy loads and handle fine. Can sit on 105Km for ever, but not much faster. Has 5th gear. High clearance for paddocks. Paint has retained shine. Has good heater. Long square tray - over a crowbar long. Good for handyman, farmer, tradesman.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2003

28th Jun 2003, 19:42

You say you can do 105 km/h tops? I had a Mazda E2200 diesel that could sit on 120 km/h any day!

These are great vans, the only thing that lets them down is their slow acceleration, and the fact that diesel is now expensive...