16th Dec 2003, 10:47

Re: Looking for a Mazda B2200?

To the fellow that posted the above article. You mentioned there's not much you can do for performance improvements. But there is one thing you can do that will help considerably. A header will improve both power and mileage. I own a 1990 B2200, which has a header from S&S Headers on it, and what a difference it's made. It's relatively cheap and easy to install. I also added a low restriction muffler at the same time and got rid of the bulky and restrictive Catalytic Converter. Don

23rd May 2007, 10:41

I bot a B2200 and it never ran good.

25th Jul 2007, 19:46

Auto bot and decepticons...

7th Oct 2007, 20:29

WOW, my dad got a 1993 b2200 and is a beauty. It runs amazingly, though I'm not sure how the one guy said that he takes it offroad, it's too low for that. Anyway, the only problem is, when you take it camping and throw your gear into the back, when you go up a hill, the truck is too heavy, so it uses more gas. Although, I guess most cars do. but this is a VERY realiable truck.

12th Mar 2010, 20:09

I've had my 1993 Mazda B2200 ext cab going on 6 years, and I don't think I will ever get rid of it. The truck is dependable, fun to drive and a good looking little truck.

13th Apr 2010, 19:39

I have owned 6 Mazda B2200 trucks, ranging in years from 1988 to 1992.

My first one is a 1990 Single Cab, reg box, nikki carb with 530,000 kilometers (over 320,000 miles). She has been sitting for over a year now, everything except the engine needs work.

My current is a 1992 Cab Plus 2200i with 392,000 kilometers (over 200,000 miles), when I bought her, she showed signs of needing new rings. In reality, she just needed to be driven hard & fast, after 2 weeks. I think I stole the truck, because she needs nothing.

I'll never leave the B- Family. These little trucks are far too reliable.

4th Jul 2010, 22:37

To the OP: the check engine light monitors nothing. It is programmed to come on every 60,000 miles. To turn it off, you simply unclip a wire from one plug near the driver's kick panel, and plug it into the other one. Next 60k miles, you switch it back. You don't have to replace oxygen sensors or anything else.

17th Sep 2010, 12:59

I had a 1993 Mazda B2200 regular cab, long box, no options at all, standard trans... had 185,000km when I bought it in 2001 and I put on 60,000 km over 8 years... (used mostly as 2nd vehicle.) Other than wear and tear stuff like brakes and exhaust, it was in the shop only once for a slave cylinder - total charge $150.

The car cost like $3500, and I sold for it for $2200 after 8 years... best vehicle I have ever owned.