5th May 2009, 06:46

Wheel bearings at 30K? Looking to buy a B2300, but this sort of thing reminds me it's a Ford chassis, with all the quality issues of the parent company.

5th Oct 2009, 21:58

Another follow up. At 70K I had to replace the radiator due to a leak. Too bad. My prior car - a Toyota 4runner went 180K on the original radiator.

The truck still runs well, but I do hear some sort of rattle around the front suspension. This truck came with a rebate that made it about $4k cheaper than a base Tacoma. Hopefully I won't use all that difference up on repairs.

26th Apr 2011, 21:48

I bought a used Mazda B2300 in 2006, and still have the truck. It has the basic engine and cab. It has no power on hills, and I have to downshift to make grades.

The cab has vinyl bench seats, no armrests; very uncomfortable.

I do a lot of travelling, and wasn't aware that this truck is basically a runabout - a vehicle used to and from work, or to run errands. Long trips aren't a very happy experience with this truck, because of the small engine (doesn't even have cruise control) and the uncomfortable seats.

Mechanically, it has held up well. I've replaced the left front ball joint and a leaking right rear seal.

The biggest gripe I have about this truck, is that all the paint began to peel off two years ago. Mazda will not repaint it, they say it's out of warranty.

I recently drove it from Florida to Pennsylvania and it did surprisingly well. In states with higher speed limits, you can get over the mountains, even though the engine is screaming and you often have to downshift. I just floored it going down the mountain to get a run up the other side. I have a bad back, so by the time I finished that trip, I could hardly walk.

It is reliable; it always starts and it's never broken down. It's not a bad truck. I just made the wrong choice for my own needs.